Connecting the Capital Markets in the SDN era: a new approach

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Connectivity has always been at the heart of the Capital Markets and it’s an area currently undergoing considerable change. The emergence of new technologies plus the introduction of regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR and, for Asia, guidelines such as FISC and the Fundamental Review Trading and Book (FRTB) and Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR), are causing participants to hold more capital and rethink how they operate.

Next generation networks are coming online that are more agile and responsive, allowing market players to customise capabilities according to specific trading requirements. These networks also offer access to a fast-growing, interconnected global ecosystem made up of exchanges, trading venues and third parties offering everything from clearing house services to compliance testing, market data and cybersecurity solutions. In this brave new world of heightened regulation, complex interconnectivity and technological change, trading firms face crucial decisions.

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