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Forbes Italy uses the Colt Network for Live TV broadcasting

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Forbes Italy introduce a Web TV channel, supported by Colt's network

What is Forbes Italy?
Forbes Italy is the Italian version of the famous American economics and financial magazine founded by Bertie Charles Forbes in 1917, known for its in-depth analysis of the latest economic  news as well as its annual list of the richest people in the world. The magazine has been distributed in Italy since 2017 thanks to an agreement between Blue Financial Communication, a digital and media company listed on the AIM market of the Milan Stock Exchange, and Forbes Media LLC, that grants an exclusive license to develop all of the editorial initiatives of the Forbes brand in Italian for the Italian, Monegasque and Swiss markets.

The Forbes Italy initiative is particularly relevant from a digital perspective. Its mission is to combine the strength of a leading global brand like Forbes with the local expertise of Blue Financial Communication. The circulation of Forbes Italy within Italy, Switzerland and Monte Carlo has boosted its readership, which is now at 200,000 individual target readers, in addition to the approximately 400,000 unique visitors and one million web pages visited every month. Forbes’s Digital Transformation Requirements. The arrival of the Internet brought with it an opportunity for the publishing sector to access information quickly and easily, while also using new digital channels to reach its clients. For Forbes, the growth, development and accomplishments of all the digital devices we now use are what the immediate future is all about. The group, which has made significant growth forecasts for 2019, is focused on its ability to interact with the general public as well as its ongoing information operations.

The Colt Solution
The solution developed by Colt involved implementing the IP Access service, enabling Forbes to make content available over the Internet. The audiences that Forbes attracts consist primarily of very demanding executives and businessmen, so the main requirements that the publisher looked for in choosing Colt solutions were service stability, timeliness and technical guarantees regarding continuity and operation.

We very much appreciate the help and support we are getting from Colt during this sensitive service implementation phase, as clients, we really feel like we are at the center of the business and we are happy we chose Colt as our partner for our web TV project.Fabio Wilhelm Invidia, Events Director at Forbes Italy

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