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Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

Connecting the digital society

Gartner Symposium 2019

November 3-7, Barcelona, CCIB, Stand 109

A truly digital society cannot happen unless backed by the right connectivity, and the Colt IQ Network connects over 27,500 buildings and more than 900 data centres around the world.

Enterprises of every kind are investing to transform themselves as they prepare for a digital future. From the boardroom downwards, digital transformation has assumed priority status. But it’s not just businesses that are transforming. Society in its widest sense is waking up to what digitalisation can deliver. Digital initiatives are already underway around the world that have the power to improve environmental sustainability, create employment and make people safer.

At Gartner Symposium 2019, find out how to prepare your network for tomorrow’s digital society, how to accelerate your digital transformation and how to take advantage of the latest technologies.


3-7 November, 2019


All day


CCIB (Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona)

Connecting the digital society - our whitepaper

This white paper considers the importance of connectivity in driving the development of the digital society and transforming the workplace, enabling employees to maximise productivity while empowering CIOs to deliver real change within their organisation. It covers:

The role of connectivity in the digital society

How networks need to evolve to connect more than just buildings

The next generation of technologies impacting enterprises, employees and society as a whole

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technical session:

Taking control of the next generation network

Monday, 4th November @1:35pm on ITxpo Stage 4

Businesses want the same flexibility from their network as they get from online and cloud services. SD WAN and uCPE put more power in the hands of users, but connectivity needs to offer the same. Mohit Manral, IP Product Manager at Colt, shows how to take control of your network.

SPS session:

Osborne Clark and Colt: The impact of digital transformation

Tuesday, 5th November @10am in Room 117, 1st Floor, CCIB

When developing a digital transformation strategy, legal implications need to be incorporated at every stage. Meanwhile disruptive technologies are changing how businesses compete and evolve. Nathan Hayes, IT Director at Osborne Clarke joins Paula Cogan, Colt VP Sales, discussing how Osborne Clarke and its clients are embracing the digital society. 

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