Javier Benitez

You should always treat people as you’d like to be treated by others, that’s something my parents taught  me and it’s something I always keep in mind. In business, in your personal life, you always need to be conscious of the other people around you. My biggest hobby is music – I’m the president of the local choir  in my town, and there’s something about singing in a choir, it’s a very special thing. To sing with so many people at the same time, to cooperate in that way, gives me great satisfaction. I enjoy it a lot.

Treating other people fairly is also fundamental in my job. Even in a situation where there are issues and maybe someone is getting angry or reacting in a way that isn’t exactly polite, typically what I’ve learnt is that when you’re dealing with people you have to be fair. People always remember how kind you were to  them. Even if it’s a very dramatic situation, customers will remember how you behaved – that’s key to me.

Javier Benitez | Senior Technical Specialist | Barcelona