John Fitzpatrick

Solutions Architect, London

The night of the week I look forward to most is when I head out to the deepest depths of Essex with my trusty Gibson guitar in the trunk of the car to jam the night away in a three-piece rock band (still looking for a lead guitarist). Lead singer and rhythm guitar is my part in the outfit, whilst the drummer Paul, is a long-time friend with whom I started our first band together. John, the bass player works for one of our close competitors and our careers have criss-crossed a few times through the years. The band have now been together 3 years and are getting better and better all the time.

Typically, we’re classified as a rock covers band with a repertoire that covers many decades, starting at the sixties with tracks from the likes of The Who and The Rolling Stones, to current modern day from The Kings of Leon and The Killers. We play a handful of gigs each year, which are usually on request from friends and family and last year we played a charity gig in a pub opposite the Old Bailey where we raised over £1000 for Cardiac Risk in the Young which was immensely satisfying.

It’s always a fantastic feeling when you’ve sung and played your heart out the whole night long and the audience is having a great time too. It’s hard work at the end of the night packing up the kit to go home, but a privilege to play in a band with such great guys.

John Fitzpatrick | Solutions Architect | London