Pablo Diez

Regulatory Director, European Affairs, Spain

I don’t collect stamps or cards or watches. I collect new places, people and feelings. I come from a small town in the west of Spain – it’s your typical ancient town, with lots of cathedrals and castles. I was born there and I grew up there. Then when I was 11, I went to Ireland and I was absolutely fascinated. I loved that I didn’t know a single person or recognise any of the street names. A lot of people have a fear of what is new, but I relish that newness.

“Don’t go to bed without having learnt one thing that day” – that’s what my parents always said to me and that’s what I wish for my children. I didn’t travel with my family when I was younger but they taught me to love culture, architecture, gastronomy, to love discovering. Every year with my own family we go on some form of international trip so that my kids can see new places, meet new people, experience new things. It’s something I believe in very strongly – they need to play a role in the world around them – just as I do at Colt.

Pablo Diez | Regulatory Director, European Affairs | Spain