Pooja Khatri

Senior Consultant, India

I have so much respect for my mother – she is an inspiration. She always laid immense emphasis on education and independence when we were growing up. She taught me about trust and self-confidence and I completely owe to her the fact that I am in a career that I enjoy. Because of the special bond that I share with my mother, a part of me always wanted a daughter.

I met my husband while I was at university. After we got married, I cracked the entrance exam for a very prestigious postgraduate programme, one of the best in India. It was an extremely big achievement for me. However, the issue was that we were considering starting a family and the programme would be 6-9pm every weekday evening for the next three years, which didn’t lend itself to having young children. I turned it down. However, the very first moment I held my first son in my arms, I knew I’d made the right decision. I’m so grateful I have such brilliant, beautiful sons. And even though I didn’t do that postgrad, I’ve still had an incredible career. Indeed, certain decisions are more important at certain phases of life.

Pooja Khatri | Senior Consultant | India