Simplifying the journey to multicloud with interconnection

As enterprises seek to respond to the challenges and the opportunities presented by the digital economy, the move to multicloud architectures is gathering pace. But as firms make the transition, they’re finding that multicloud is not the panacea for all ills. Indeed, it presents specific challenges of its own.

Interconnection has a vital role to play in overcoming these challenges and enabling you to realise the full potential of multicloud. It’s one of the reasons why interconnection services are now growing at an exponential rate.

In this paper we look at:

  • The forces driving the move to multicloud
  • The problems you’re likely to face as you make that journey
  • How interconnection solves the challenges associated with the move to multicloud
  • Why Equinix is the world’s leading interconnection provider
  • How Colt’s flexible high bandwidth connectivity helps you take advantage of interconnection to simplify your multicloud journey

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