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What is Cloud Prioritisation?

Also known as: IP Access with Cloud Prioritisation

Colt Cloud Prioritisation combines the benefits of optimised routing and direct peering infrastructure with traffic prioritisation between customer router and provider edge router. Customers can reach Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop, or any other Microsoft SaaS application with a consistent and SLA-backed user experience. Cloud Prioritisation customers can decide how much of their Internet bandwidth is dynamically reserved for Microsoft. This will work for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Cloud Prioritisation customers can decide how much of their Internet bandwidth is dynamically reserved for Microsoft. This will work for both incoming and outgoing traffic. Colt has a unique direct interconnection infrastructure with Microsoft in 21 locations across Europe and Asia.

This dense network of interconnections will make sure that the traffic gets to its destination quickly and without unnecessary intermediate stations. Cloud Prioritisation is a feature of Colt IP Access and can be ordered by all new and existing customers. Colt’s IP Access Services Portfolio delivers premium business class Internet access that provides enterprises with the reliable, high performance service they need.

For high data transfer rates, standard internet bandwidth can be expensive, often due to the billing mechanism of most CSPs (charging internet traffic per byte in/out – egress costs etc. As you not running a dedicated line, internet performance may vary, alongside exposing your business to dangers such as DDoS attacks.

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