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About this webinar

Our experts from the Warsaw Stock Exchange, ABN AMRO Clearing and Colt discuss capital markets within Poland & how to access this exciting market from around the Globe. The webinar also looks at the recent impact of Retail Trading and how this has also affected the WSE, as well as the future opportunities and market dynamics present as client demand for this region evolves.

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Peter Niklewicz, London Representative, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Peter Niklewicz is an experienced professional in the area of international financial markets. He has lead the London operations of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2014. Peter fronts the relationship management of GPW’s foreign Members, trading firms, journalists etc. and is engaged in extending the Exchange’s international network to attract more interest from international investors, primarily EMEA and APAC. Previously, Peter’s 16+ year career was spent at Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and most recently at Royal Bank of Scotland. He is an alumnus of Imperial College London (BEng) and HEC Paris (MBA).

Filip Duszczyk_500x500_WSE

Filip Duszczyk, Deputy Director of Market Development and Head of Product Sales, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Filip Duszczyk began his professional career in 1998, after graduating from the University of Chicago with a degree in Economics. Beginning as a clerk on the floors of Chicago’s exchanges, he learned the intricacies of option trading and in 2002 became Senior Trader at Infinium Capital Management – one of Chicago’s biggest proprietary trading groups. Filip worked as a floor trader and market maker in Chicago’s biggest and most competitive pits: S&P 500 Future Options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), SPX and DJX/DIA Options at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Dow Jones Futures at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). In 2008, Filip became the Options Desk Manager for MF Global at the CME and successfully led the group through the volatile markets of 2008-2010. In 2012, Filip returned to his native Poland and began an Executive MBA program at the Warsaw School of Economics in conjunction with University of Quebec in Montreal. After completing his studies in early 2014, he started working at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Currently, as Deputy Director of Market Development and Head of Product Sales, he is responsible for client outreach and acquisition of exchange members and market participants from North America, Western Europe and CEE regions.


Martin Frewer, Global Commercial Director Principal Trading Groups (PTG), ABN AMRO Clearing

Martin is Global Commercial Director Principal Trading Groups (PTG) and looks after the global commercial team for this significant revenue generating client segment of ABN AMRO Clearing. PTG clients are market makers, stat arb, brokers and algorithmic trading entities who benefit from ABN AMRO Clearing’s cross asset class correlated risk and global execution and clearing platform. He has been at ABN and previously Fortis clearing since 2005 and prior to that was Global Head of Sales at Easyscreen plc (the first TechMark listing on the LSE) where he was responsible for the global commercial strategy of both their enterprise and client execution solutions. Before 2000 he was Head of Financial Clearing and Execution services at Credit Lyonnais Rouse and previous to that he was a trading Director at Muirpace Ltd and Alexander Discount plc. He started his financial career at Gill and Duffus as a STIR trader on LIFFE before moving to Lehman Brothers. Martin was commissioned into the 2nd KEO Gurkhas Rifles after attending RMA Sandhurst before working in finance.


Michael James, Business Development Account Manager, Colt

Michael joined Colt Technology Services in April 2020 to work within Business Development for the Capital Markets Solutions Team. He is primarily focused on expanding Colt’s eco-system of exchanges, brokers, ISVs, market data services and analytics providers. Prior to joining Colt, Michael spent 10 years at SpreadEx – a leading UK based CFD Trading & Spread Betting Provider, including 6 Years as Head of Trading. He has extensive experience in the leveraged trading industry, across multiple asset classes including equities, derivatives, options, FX and Swaps. Michael has a MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick.