Looking to Connect to Google Cloud?

As a Google Verified Peering Provider, Colt can help you get connected.


How it works

Google customers need simple and highly available connectivity solutions to reach Google resources such as Workspace and other internet-facing applications. But managing Direct Peering connections can be complex and it might not be the right approach for everyone.

Connecting with a Verified Peering Provider (VPP) like Colt to reach Google means that you can leverage the same set of infrastructure that delivers highly-reliable services including Search, Ads, YouTube, and more. By leaving Direct Peering to the ISPs, the VPP program lets you access all Google services without the complexities of peering. As a VPP, Colt manages Direct Peering with Google over dedicated private connectivity like IP Transit or Dedicated Internet Access. When Google customers connect to a VPP to reach Google they are choosing a provider that has verified diverse connectivity to Google, which enables highly available access to Google services.

Google Peering Partner Certified Gold


Dedicated private Google connectivity

All Google connectivity is through private dedicated fibres – the same fibres that carry all Google services.

High availability

Google badge verifies redundant connectivity to Google.

Access all Google services

Access Google Cloud services with Colt as a VPP.

Simplify your connectivity

No need to meet Google's peering requirements - leave the complexity of peering arrangements to us and save time and effort.

Enterprise-grade connectivity

Connect to Google through internet products designed for enterprises, with or without the need for border gateway protocol (BGP) or an autonomous system number (ASN).

Benefit from Colt’s customer service and support

As a Colt customer, enjoy our industry-leading customer experience with dedicated account teams, 24/7 help desk, and local language support.

Connectivity use cases

The VPP program is an alternative to Direct Peering with Google and offers connectivity to all publicly available Google services. This means that any Google service that can be accessed over the internet or through Direct Peering can be reached via Colt as a VPP.

Google Cloud customers can take advantage of the VPP program to consume:

Google Workspace

Google APIs

Google Cloud APIs

Google Cloud VPN

Google Public IPs

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