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As an industry and as individuals, we're responsible for addressing climate change and making the world a better place. The impact we have as part of the communities in which we operate cannot be underestimated, which is why Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a key part of Colt’s strategy.

ESG refers to our overarching framework and approach, as well as the team that delivers this. Underneath this, Colt have several core initiatives that sit within ESG. These are:

  • Community
  • Governance
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Environmental sustainability

Our ESG approach has a visual identity and messaging that we use to bring it to life.

If you have any questions about our ESG approach you can contact:

Kelsey Hopkinson - ESG director

For any brand questions please check out our Brand Guidelines in the first instance or contact:

Laura Perrott - Global Director Digital and Brand
Hannah Davies - Brand Marketing Manager

The Colt Brand Team


Our ESG colours

We use the following colours to identify each element of our ESG strategy:
Inclusion and Diversity
Environmental Sustainability
This doesn’t mean that we cant use other colours, but that the ratio should balance toward the core colour for that area.

Colt Yellow

Pantone 7549
CMYK 0 24 100 0
RGB 255 196 61

Colt Blue

Pantone 2727
CMYK 85 24 0 0
RGB 0 153 255
HEX #0099FF

Colt Pink

Pantone 2040
CMYK 0 95 45 0
RGB 239 71 111

Colt Teal

Pantone 3265
CMYK 70 0 40 0
RGB 0 215 189

Graphic and icon

Action on graphic and ESG icon

We’ve developed a simple icon that we use across our ESG branding. This can be used as part of the ESG call to action – ‘Action on’. Or can be used as an overlay on photography.

Action on
ESG icon

Using photography with the Action on graphic or ESG icon

There are 3 ways to combine photography and the graphic or icon:

  1. The graphic or icon can be used over full bleed photography. The colour and the position of the graphic or icon should complement the photography. Ensure the graphic or icon does not cover faces, or any other important features in the image.
  2. Subject matter can be cut out and graphic or icon overlaid as per the first treatment. We recommend using black and white photography when using the overlays.
  3. Imagery can be set within a graphic or icon shape and used at a larger scale.
Action on overlay example

What not to do

When creating a new graphic or icon composition do not:

  • Use the graphic or icon in transparencies other than 100%, 60%, 30%
  • Obscure the focal point in imagery


ESG photography

When we talk about ESG at Colt we should follow our general photography guidelines but we’d also add in the following:

  • Images should include people wherever possible, and ideally our people
  • Images should include a range of people, covering off different ethnicities, ages, genders and abilities
  • You can use the ‘Action on’ text or icon over photography but this shouldn’t cover peoples faces
  • When using the ‘Action on’ text or icon over photography, the preference is for this to be black and white photography this means the content looks less busy

ESG messaging

When we talk about our Environmental, Social and Governance we're referring to our overarching ESG framework and approach, as well as the team that delivers this. Colt has the following pillars while we transition into a full ESG strategy.

  • Community
  • Governance
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Environmental sustainability

We will continue to use these terms but should always refer to them as part of our ESG strategy. When talking about these areas, you should use the ESG messaging pillars and Colt’s tone of voice.

Action on

We use the term ‘Action on’ across our ESG initiatives. This is to show our commitment and drive. We’re not just talking about this, we’re taking action and pushing for progress. We’re taking a leadership role in ESG and setting new standards. You should use the term ‘Action on’ in document titles and in imagery related to ESG.

ESG acronym

You can use the term ESG to collectively refer to the framework and team that we have supporting our Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives. You should always use the full term in the first instance with the ESG acronym in brackets after. You can then use the acronym ESG for the rest of the document / webpage e.g. At Colt our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives are very important. ESG is a core part of our strategy.


When referring to our ESG framework or our team you can capitalise each of the words. If you are referring to the individual concepts they do not need to be capitalised e.g. As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach, Colt sets new standards in governance.

Messaging pillars

Our messaging document is password protected. To view it please follow the link below and enter the password when prompted. When talking about ESG please use the extraordinary leadership and the extraordinary people pillars.

If you have forgotten the password, or would like to request access, please contact [email protected].

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