Colt Spectrum

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Colt Spectrum - A high-bandwidth long-haul solution

Providing ultra-high bandwidth connectivity, Colt Spectrum enables you to leverage your own investments in DWDM equipment, whilst benefiting from Colt’s extensive optical network reach and connectivity. Providing the flexibility, control and upgradability of a long-haul fibre network, Spectrum helps you cut time-to-market for new routes, and provides a simplified operational model to support multi-terabit network expansion activities.

Network Build

Providing a viable alternative to lighting new long-haul fibre, Colt Spectrum offers volume wavelength transport over Colt’s state of-the-art optical backbone, the IQ Network.  Colt Spectrum provides a higher degree of choice when making a build or buy decision – enabling you to expedite the deployment of web scale networks and maximise ROI.


Colt Spectrum puts you in control of your network – meaning you get the flexibility to turn up new 100G wavelengths as required. If you’ve already got experience in operating optical networks, Spectrum enables you to own and manage DWDM transponder hardware – and supports both alien wave and friendly wave configurations delivered over Colt’s fully managed line system.


As web-scale technologies continue to drive the need for higher bandwidths, optical networking technology is evolving to meet this growing demand. Colt’s long-haul optical network is based on a state-of-the-art platform which will support the flexible grid technologies of the future. Colt Spectrum provides support for various different modulation schemes, opening up possibility of delivering future bandwidth upgrades as technology changes

Colt Spectrum offers the option of either fixed-grid (50Ghz) channels, or flexible-grid channels based on 12.5Ghz increments. Flexible-grid services are available in channel sizes of 62.5GHz, 75GHz, 87.5GHz, 100GHz and 112.5GHz. Larger, flexible-grid channels offer the potential to transport higher bandwidth wavelengths, leveraging advances in transponder technology which utilise higher data rates (for example, 95Gigabaud). These solutions provide access to Colt’s optical core network which is based on DWDM technology consisting of fibre, ROADM nodes and amplification infrastructure – collectively known as a photonic layer. The photonic layer connects key service locations such as data centres and Colt network nodes. The Colt platform supports transport of coherent wavelengths, based on a modulation scheme of your choice: QPSK, 8QAM or 16QAM. Other modulation schemes may be supported, please get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.


  • Scalability and control

    of Dark Fibre, without the capital cost or operational overhead of deploying long-haul dark fibre or build-out of a photonic layer

  • Provides flexibility

    Add, remove or re-configure wavelengths to meet the demands of your business

  • Ownership economics

    enabling you to leverage existing DWDM assets, and providing a migration path towards or away from Dark Fibre as required

  • Diversity

    We understand the importance of network route diversity – our business is to protect your business. We will work with you to design a Spectrum
    network which is geographically diverse from other routes you may currently use, or provide a secondary diverse path

  • Extensive reach

    we are located in more European data centres than any other provider –providing you with the maximum possible choice of locations. Colt has connected more Datacentres to their European network than any other operator.

  • Platform

    Our platform is based on state-of-the-art technology from our optical services partner Ciena

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