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MarketPrizm Market Data: real-time data from the world’s markets

Are you trading multiple asset classes on a global scale, or expanding into new markets? Working with different providers of market data could add complexity and slow your performance. Colt can make life simpler by providing you with ultra-low latency data feeds for the European, Asian and the US markets.

Market pressures combined with the evolution of trading infrastructures has resulted in a shift towards trading different asset classes on a global scale, focusing on reduced time to market and, above all, efficient performance. Connecting to eachexecution venue can take valuable time and resource. Confidence in the supply of information, even under pressure of market spikes, is just as important as speed. A licensed market data vendor since the integration of MarketPrizm into our business, Colt can provide you with market data feeds for equities, derivatives, commodities and FX from more than 50 exchanges and liquidity venues

What is it?

Colt delivers market data feeds at consistently low latencies, even during periods of volatility. For Asia, you can opt for raw or normalised feeds, depending on your requirements. European feeds are delivered in a raw format. If you’re colocated at the market venue itself, you can consume our feeds directly. For away consumption, we deliver the data over a dedicated, fully meshed, highly available network that means there’s only ever a single hop between major financial centres.

Who is it for?

Traders and brokers who want to connect quickly to different global markets and not have to worry about the time, bandwidth, and resource it takes to connect.

What does it provide?

Colt’s MarketPrizm Market Data service provides you with feeds from trading venues across the globe, enabling you to rapidly and efficiently transfer trading strategies. Colt’s extensive and scalable network means additional feeds can be delivered to firms in any location quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Fully managed data solution
  • Direct delivery from exchanges over Colt’s network - avoiding latency middle hops
  • No footprint needed in the local market - you can leverage Colt’s infrastructure

Key Benefits

  • Fully managed solution

    Colt’s MarketPrizm Market Data service delivers all the components needed to connect to low-latency market data. The service also comprises of maintenance of the infrastructure – including managing the performance,
    latency and bandwidth of the data feeds.

  • Low latency

    All feeds are delivered directly from exchanges over Colt’s network, avoiding latency middle hops.

  • Cost effective

    You will only receive and pay for the data you requested while our experienced Capital Markets team manages all the exchange relationships. There are no upfront costs or management overhead on your part.

  • Global coverage

    Colt can provide you with market data feeds for equities, derivatives, commodities and FX from more than 50 exchanges and liquidity venues worldwide. There is no need for a firm to have a local presence or foot print as they can leverage Colt’s local infrastructure to access the market data feeds.

  • Efficient normalisation process – Asian feeds

    The normalisation process of Asian market feeds is centred on efficiency, which ultimately translates into speed. The service not only determines which fields are important for each individual client, it maintains full depth, the data is lossless, normalised at source and performs well even under spikes in the market. Every aspect of the normalisation process has been streamlined in order to provide our clients with a trading advantage. Firms can also receive the feeds in raw format if preferred.

Optimising our network

Colt continues to invest in its suite of Capital Markets solutions and underlying network, ensuring it remains equipped to meet the demands of a market where latency and performance are crucial. It has recently invested in the deployment of ultra-low latency, high-precision Arista 7130 Layer 1 switches (formerly Metamako Metamux) at a key exchange venue and is capable to
introduce it at other MarketPrizm locations globally.

These said next-generation switches will allow Colt customers to experience the lowest possible latency to the market switching without the need to invest in or manage Layer 1 switches themselves, ensuring network performance optimised to meet the demands of High Frequency Trading (HFT) solutions and beyond.

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