Microsoft Operator Connect for Resellers

Unlock the potential of effortless integrations using Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

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Operator Connect for your Customers 

Offer your customers voice activation on Microsoft Teams with Colt, a Microsoft certified Operator Connect partner, allowing them to improve productivity and collaboration.  All without the high levels of investment typically needed to create this solution. 

You can trust that your customers are in safe hands with our Microsoft Teams experts.  Our solution is integrated and enables Full digital administration.  Numbers will be available in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center and can be assigned in just a few clicks. Offering high quality voice calls by using Colt’s best in class, fully compliant voice network.  All with a simple consumption based pricing model.

Simplify Expanding your Service 

Colt’s Intelligent Communications for resellers is available across our Pan-European footprint, where you work with us as a single partner, so you can focus on your business instead of dealing with the challenges of managing multiple providers.  

Reselling Operator Connect

Colt gives you the scalability, and transparency you need, to manage your end customers, all in one portal available 24/7.  

Order, activate and follow up the status of your DDIs. Review the CDRs and your invoices anytime with just a few clicks.  

Key Benefits

  • Self-service

    Enable and configure the service whenever and wherever in the Colt dedicated portal.

  • Real time activation

    Activate new numbers within minutes

  • Scalability

    Pay per user per month Flexible rates based on the number of users you have

  • European partner fully regulatory-compliant

    Colt’s extensive European network, strengthened with technical and regulatory expertise

  • Microsoft Solutions Partner

    Colt are a certified Solution Partner for Modern Work

  • Future-proof solution

    Enable the digital transformation of your customers with the flexibility and scalability in the Cloud.

  • Technical knowledge

    Your customers will be dealt with by our experts in Teams Phone System

  • Porting visibility

    Follow your portability orders online

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