Air Internet Service Co., Ltd

Air Internet Service Co., Ltd achieved significant cost savings and a reduction in delivery time by implementing Colt On Demand services at their disaster recovery site.

“The introduction of Colt On Demand resulted in a reduced delivery time and cost savings which ultimately helped us achieve stable connectivity. This has led to even greater efficiency in our business operations, and we are highly satisfied “Mr. Tanaka, Director, IP Service Group Leader, Air Internet Service Co., Ltd”


Company Profile

Air Internet Service Co., Ltd. or ‘Airnet’ started its business as an internet service provider (ISP) in 1996 and since then it has expanded its IT business, offering implementation of server systems at data centres, and business cloud solutions centered on a self-developed, restaurant-focused reservation management system called ‘Reserve Keeper’. The company chose to be called ‘AIR’ because it wanted to be like air, something that is everywhere and people are unaware of, but they can breathe it in with peace of mind. The various services the company offers aim to achieve stable operation like ‘AIR’. This goal also shows their stance for their service offering, which is to become an indispensable company.


Airnet provides implementation and operation of server systems at data centres. In order to accommodate demands from its customers for connections to different cloud services like AWS and Azure, it used to connect to each cloud per end user. As the demands for cloud connections increased, issues arose related to delivery time, costs and contract terms emerged, which forced the company to look for a solution to tackle these issues. At the same time, obtaining flexible infrastructure seemed to reduce the load on internal operations, so the company started reconsidering the network design of its internal disaster recovery (DR) site. Because traffic does not flow to the DR site at normal times, fixed cost and control of necessary bandwidth became problematic. And since a secure and high-quality communication line was inevitable, the company needed a solution which could maintain a balance between cost and quality.

Why Colt

We have been using Colt’s network for a long time, so we were confident about the quality. Unlike the conventional service with a yearly contract, Colt On Demand offers pay-as-you-use, so we decided that the solution was suitable for test environments,” explained Mr. Tanaka. Initially, the company was using a 1Gbps circuit with a long-term contract between its main DC and DR site. As Colt On Demand provides a service with a flexible contract period, Airnet  decided to use it for the connectivity to its DR site. By reducing the bandwidth needed for off-peak hours, the cost performance significantly improved when compared with the conventional line. Because Colt On Demand enables its customers to use various bandwidths with flexible contract periods, Airnet determined that it was suitable for the line to its DR site where the bandwidth demands were largely different between normal times and emergencies. Airnet compared several providers with network control offerings similar to Colt On Demand, but the cost performance of Colt On Demand was more appealing, Mr. Tanaka said.


Connectivity overview

Future plans

Airnet cooperates with many partners to provide value-added services with the latest applications. Going forward, the company will utilise Colt On Demand to focus on connectivity to various high-in-demand public cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. Airnet thinks it can use Colt On Demand and offer it as a service to its customers thanks to benefits such as its low cost and flexible contract periods. The company would also want to provide enhanced security features on top. When asked about Airnet’s future plans, Mr. Tanaka explained, “Colt On Demand can reduce the time and effort to arrange physical connectivity, since it is an on-demand solution and therefore makes it possible to instantly establish the connectivity to various sites and cloud services.” He added that Airnet would start off by offering the solution to small businesses and then going forwards, would “Build an even more robust network environment and aim to improve customer satisfaction by focusing on flexible service deployments according to customers’ needs.” Mr. Tanaka ended by mentioning, “By continuing to support our flexible and stable solutions, we hope that we can grow together with Colt.”


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Air Internet Service Co., Ltd


Managed hosting


• Reduction in delivery time
• Good price-toperformance
• Flexible contract periods
• New technology
• Stable connectivity


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