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Can we actually measure inclusion?

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In this episode we bring together Andrea Jones-Rooy PhD, social scientist, diversity research consultant, and professor of data science at NYU along with Rachel Collins, Inclusion & Diversity lead at Colt, to discuss their backgrounds, why Inclusion and Diversity is important to both individual and organisational success, and how they are working to bring it to the forefront of people's minds. Further speaker details below.

About the Full Picture

The Full Picture is a new podcast from Colt Technology Services combining individual stories and expert opinions to make sense of the world around us. Our first season is all around inclusion and diversity: why is it important? What do I&D statistics actually mean? And, most importantly, what should companies be doing about it?

We have launched a podcast that blends personal stories from our Colties, their own experiences and unique perspectives, along with the views and insights from experts within our industry and beyond. Episodes will focus in on topics that mean something to our people and the workforces of other organisations such as mental health, neurodiversity in tech, changing conversations about race, to name a few.

The podcast will deep dive and get to the heart of some of the topics that we’re all thinking about as we edge closer to the end of 2020, an unprecedented year where we’ve all to dig a bit deeper and think about what drives us.

Meet our guest speakers

Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins

Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Colt Technology Services

Joining the business in September 2011, Rachel now heads up the Inclusion and Diversity team at Colt Technology Services.

Rachel is the Global lead for the development and implementation of the diversity and inclusion strategy across Colt, covering over 4,000 employees across 32 countries. As I&D lead she focuses on driving policy and support across the key pillars of Gender balance, Pride at Colt, Cultural awareness, and Enablement. Rachel has been instrumental in helping Colt achieve top 50 placement in the Financial Times FT Diversity Leaders.

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Andrea Jones Rooy

Andrea Jones-Rooy, PhD

Data Science Professor & Social Scientist

Andrea Jones-Rooy is a social scientist, diversity research consultant, and professor of data science at NYU. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Michigan. As a social scientist specialising in complexity, Andrea is a specialist in measuring diversity and inclusion.

As a professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the NYU Center for Data Science, Andrea teaches their flagship course Data Science for Everyone. Andrea has written a book and several research papers on complex systems, and regularly contributes articles to media outlets on complexity, data science, international relations, diversity, and uncertainty

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