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Macho ado about nothing

Many old-school stereotypes around masculinity have thankfully faded away but there are some that linger on – that men shouldn’t express their emotions, aren’t as naturally good parents as women or should earn more than their partner, for example. Let’s put these myths under the microscope and figure out how we can tear them down.
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For someone with a disability or long term condition, the workplace can be a minefield of potential obstacles, frustrations and straight-up roadblocks to what they need to do or where they need to go. From accessibility ramps to subtitles on video content, there are a number of things we can do to help our disabled team members feel more at home.
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What’s in a name?

The workplace can be a difficult place to navigate for a trans person – deciding on which bathroom to use isn’t quite as straightforward as it is for cisgender colleagues, for example, not to mention fielding questions on appearance. So how can we best support our trans coworkers? And our coworkers who are transitioning?
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Class dismissed

In 2019, 56.5% of disadvantaged young people in the UK left school without a GCSE equivalent. Compare that with the 75% of employers who require a GCSE equivalent for entry level roles. And it’s not just education – nepotism is rife when it comes to internships and work experience for young people. What can we do to boost social mobility and break those deep-rooted cycles of class inequality?
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So you want to be an ally?

A key theme that emerged from 2020’s BLM protest was the active involvement of non-Black people seeking to be allies. But what does being an ally really mean? And how can you be one to those around you – taking constructive steps instead of being patronising or facetious?
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Coming out at work

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the question of whether or not to come out at work is complicated – as of 2018, Stonewall reported that over a third of LGBTQ+ people don’t come out in their workplace for fear of discrimination. So how do we create a space where people can not only come out, but thrive in their environment?
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How Boomers and Millennials can work better together

There are so many stereotypes about the different generations – that Millennials spend too much money on avocado toast or that Baby Boomers are out of touch – but what happens when members of different generations are all under one roof? In this episode, we look at getting the best out of a multigenerational workforce and how to harness the power of each generation.
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Busting myths around neurodiversity

Over the past few years, neurodiversity has emerged as an important element to consider in inclusion strategies, but what do we mean when we talk about neurodiversity? And how can we cater to our non-neurotypical colleagues? In this episode, we break down misconceptions around neurodiversity and reshape it as a superpower.
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I don’t want to be seen as a token

This week we talk with three women of Colt, who share the experiences they've had in their careers that shaped the women they are today. Jeme, Helen and Shweta reflect on the shifting perceptions of women in the workplace, the frustrations of tokenism and the importance of taking risks.
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How to protect your mental health in a pandemic

It seems only fitting to end 2020 with an episode around how this year has affected our mental health and what we can do to safeguard it. Our host Izzy Bishop sits down with Bram Troost, qualified Mental Health First Aider at Colt, and Hayley Dare and Gavin Richardson, co-founders of Wellbeing Mental Health.
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We are more than one thing, we are multifaceted

The killing of George Floyd in the summer of 2020 sparked worldwide outrage, becoming a turning point for the anti-racism movement. So how do we transfer that momentum to the world of work?
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Can we actually measure inclusion?

In this episode we bring together Andrea Jones-Rooy PhD, social scientist, diversity research consultant, and professor of data science at NYU along with Rachel Collins, Inclusion & Diversity lead at Colt, to discuss their backgrounds, why Inclusion and Diversity is important to both individual and organisational success, and how they are working to bring it to the forefront of people's minds.
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About The Full Picture

The Full Picture is a podcast from Colt Technology Services combining individual stories and expert opinions to make sense of the world around us. We’re excited to cover new ground this series, such as the trans experience of the workplace, modern masculinity and coming out at work.

Giving every voice a platform to be heard and building an environment where our people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work is a core focus for our business. Producing this podcast is our way of taking one meaningful step towards that, through education, communication and listening.

The Full Picture blends personal stories from our Colties, their own experiences and unique perspectives, along with the views and insights from experts within our industry and beyond. Episodes will focus in on topics that mean something to our people and the workforces of other organisations such as mental health, neurodiversity in tech, changing conversations about race, to name a few.