Salesland banks on Colt for its switch to VoIP

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Salesland banks on Colt for its switch to VoIP

Salesland focuses on supporting businesses that want to outsource their sales services. Since 2000, it has been setting up, training, and managing commercial teams, as well as developing comprehensive sales projects, all to help customers meet their objectives and yield a profit on their investments. Ultimately, Salesland offers customers a global solution covering all aspects of direct and indirect marketing.

Colt has been working with Salesland since 2010. According to Abel Sánchez, Head of IT at Salesland, the solutions provided by Colt are used throughout the organisation. For example, their IP Access service provides reliable, high-speed internet access to the organisation’s offices and its mobile sales staff.

“We have been growing steadily by 30 or 35% since 2010 and we intend to keep it that way. Each month, we continue to increase the capacity of our voice services and expand our customer base through direct marketing. In order to achieve our goals and maintain such high success levels, we needed a provider we could trust”, Sánchez comments, highlighting the importance of these voice services for the company’s future growth.

Switching to VoIP

In the last eight years, Salesland has expanded from one contact centre with 60 employees to 1200 telemarketing agents working in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Bilbao and Porto. Such steep growth indicates just how important voice calls are in sales outsourcing, which is the principal reason behind the company’s decision to switch to VoIP (Voice over IP).

Though Salesland has previously banked on traditional call services (also provided by Colt), it has now connected 10 of its primary coaxial cables to Colt’s VoIP solution, SIP Trunking. The aim is to increase the flexibility and scalability of Salesland’s operations. “This is a very new technology that offers us unlimited growth, as opposed to our old technology, which was restricted by the number of communication channels available. Once you reach the physical limit, growth is considerably slower because you have to start installing new circuitry, amongst other things”, Sánchez explains.

Though the logistical advantages of Colt’s VoIP service have led to the biggest improvements in Salesland’s business, Sánchez also emphasises another significant benefit: financial. “This technology, running over the existing Colt network, has allowed us to reduce our costs by about 15%. We use millions of minutes every month, so these savings played a key part in our decision to use Colt over its competitors”. Minimising operational costs in this area is particularly important, he adds – though sales conversions are quite well-balanced across Salesland’s divisions, voice services represent around 60% of the actual sales volume. “It is definitely the medium that we use most frequently”.

As a business, we cannot afford lengthy installation or expansion times, or for incidents to affect our operations for a long period of time. Colt is a first-class provider, supporting us with high quality services and a quick response to any problems we experience, though luckily this doesn’t happen oftenAbel Sánchez, Head of IT, Salesland

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