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Colt Technology Services closed out its Q3 2016 Relationship NPS (Net Promoter Score) at a record 35%, an 11 point improvement against Q2 2016. A 35% NPS positions Colt as the Best in Class Telco in the Satmetrix (the Net Promoter Company) EU B2B Benchmark.

NPS is the leading customer experience metric for all industries. It is often used as a leading indicator for growth, and an anchor for the customer experience management (CEM) program.

The quarter-on-quarter improvement has been driven by continued excellence of the network, excellent service delivery and our highest ever score in incident management. Our operations NPS is also at record levels.

According to Rogier Bronsgeest, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Colt, our focus this year on Communication, Problem Resolution and Attention to Basics is paying off and we are winning trust, which is the most important element in driving customer loyalty.

“We have come a long way but we know there is still some way to go. We now need to consolidate those gains, set and meet expectations consistently for each other and for our customers and engineer great levels of service at the points that matter most to them,” said Bronsgeest.

It’s no secret that network operators have long struggled with customer care, both in the consumer and business sectors and Colt recognises that its Customer Experience Transformation Initiative is ambitious. The endgame is to make Colt ‘the most customer oriented business in its industry’, with an NPS target of 60 by 2020.

That’s a tall order considering some of Colt’s peers still record very low, or even negative NPS scores, and it’s also important to remember that NPS is just one metric in an arsenal for measuring customer experience, loyalty and perception. But it’s an important metric. 71% of Prospects say Customer Experience is the biggest buying factor, and 58% of existing Colt customers tell us that offering exceptional service is the most important factor in them staying with us.

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