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Connecting the UK to mainland Europe, Colt and Getlink have refurnished the Eurotunnel – a subsea railway tunnel between England and France 51 kilometres long – with ultra-low latency, high bandwidth fibre optic cables.

Watch our video explaining the history of the project, its benefits to businesses in the UK and Europe, and what the continent’s most secure connection is capable of.

The tunnel has provided passage for millions of travellers, vehicles and terabytes of data since it was created in 1994.

Colt is now the sole digital infrastructure company with connectivity access between the UK and the mainland, with an exclusive deal for the next 25 years.

By virtue of the cables being securely stored within the confines of the tunnel itself, the data travelling across the Channel is protected against cybercrime and accidental damage from commercial fishing and shipping. Not only is the tunnel manned by security 24 hours a day, engineers also have access to the tunnel if an issue arises – offering a response time that’s lightning fast compared to typical subsea cables.

If you’d like to discuss the potential that Getlink and Colt might provide to your business, get in touch with our sales team.

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