Colt expands strategic partnership with Equinix in Japan

Following expansion to Spain, Italy and Sweden, as well as Hong Kong and Singapore

New software-driven connectivity simplifies user experience and helps business grow and scale in Japan


Tokyo, Japan, 20 June, 2023Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd., the digital infrastructure company, (headquartered in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Representative; Masato Hoshino, President and Head of Asia) today announced new software-driven connectivity in Japan, expanding its longstanding collaboration with Equinix Japan, Co., Ltd.  Businesses now have access to Colt’s On Demand infrastructure interconnecting with Equinix Fabric® in Osaka in Japan, following to Tokyo.  The extended collaboration between Colt and Equinix deepens their long running commitment to a global partner ecosystem and meets growing demand across key regions.

The Colt On Demand network interconnnects seamlessly and dynamically with Equinix digital services across Europe and Asia, giving flexible last mile access to Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres and in particular to Equinix digital services; offering businesses choice, diversity and visibility of their infrastructure to help them succeed in today’s global digital world. With Colt On Demand Interconnect, organisations can:

  • Connect in near real-time to their own premises through the Colt On-Demand footprint of 31,000 on-net buildings (more than 2400 in Japan) interconnected through 11 regions to Platform Equinix®, offering end-to-end connectivity to Equinix data centres and digital services
  • Quickly upscale their infrastructure to meet customer requirements
  • Respond faster to rapidly changing market conditions
  • Provide a digital transformation experience for customers who value flexibility, redundancy and agility.
  • Accelerate customers’ hybrid infrastructure construction, such as migration from on-premise to the cloud.
  • Remove the need to manage multiple partners and connectivity contracts across multiple geographies, instead benefiting from access to secure, resilient end-to-end infrastructure and best-in-class after-sales support as part of a single global partner ecosystem

Colt is seeing a significant increase in the number of On Demand customers who self-provision their network services, with a high double digit revenue growth in 2022, and this trend is expected to continue into 2023 and beyond.

Masato Hoshino, President of Colt Technolgy Services Co., Ltd and Head of Asia, commented on the partnership with Equinix as follows,

“The shift to cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way enterprises use IT services, and as measures to improve IT flexibility are promoted, demand is rising for cloud-like networks that are scalable and flexible, with the ability to change usage periods and bandwidth in real time, rather than networks with fixed specifications that are used on an annual contract basis.

In this context, we offer “Colt On Demand” as an SDN-based network connectivity platform that provides real-time and flexible connectivity between major cloud providers, the public Internet, offices and other corporate locations, and data centers.

The Colt On Demand Interconnect will further expand our efforts in Japan in collaboration with Equinix, and by utlising interconnections created between Colt On Demand and Equinix Fabric, the two companies can offer end-to-end and next-generation network services.

In the global market, we are already working with Equinix to create interconnections between Colt On Demand and Equinix Fabric, making it easier to use and more automated, and we are already offering this functionality in Japan in Osaka following Tokyo.  In this way, we would like to work together with Equinix, to offer our customers integrated, cloud-like customer experience, as well as the new digital experience.”

Mark Anderson, Vice President, Global Technical Sales at Equinix said “Combining Colt’s global network with Equinix’s global digital footprint provides enterprises with complete dynamic digital solutions, addressing end-to-end requirements from architecting a global network backbone, to optimising the last-mile experience of users every day. Further expanding and automating this can only be a good thing, and a great opportunity for customers to take their connectivity to critical business partners to the next level.”    Colt is one of the few Network Service Providers on Equinix Fabric able to offer flexible On Demand connectivity and digital services at global scale plus last-mile connectivity to tens of thousands of on-net addresses via API or portal-based self-provisioning. Find out more about the Colt and Equinix partnership here:


About Colt Technology Services

Colt Technology Services (Colt) is a global digital infrastructure company which creates extraordinary connections to help businesses succeed. Powered by amazing people and like-minded partners, Colt  is driven by its purpose: to put the power of the digital universe in the hands of its customers, wherever, whenever and however they choose.

Since 1992, Colt has set itself apart through its deep commitment to its customers, growing from its heritage in the City of London to more than 60 offices around the world. The powerful Colt IQ Network connects 222 cities and 32 countries with more than 1000 data centres, 51 Metropolitan Area Networks and over 31,000 buildings across Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs. Privately owned, Colt is one of the most financially sound companies in the sector.

Obsessed with delivering industry-leading customer experience, Colt is guided by its dedication to customer innovation, by its values and its responsibility to its customers, partners, people and planet.

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