Colt sets new record NPS in Asia

Colt has set a new record score for NPS in Asia for Q3 – jumping 5 points to 51. This comes after a record Q2, where we jumped from 35 to 46, and is a fantastic testament to the hard work from our customer service teams in the region and around the world.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the industry standard for measuring how a business is delivering against customer experience ambitions. At Colt, we take great pride in conducting an NPS feedback exercise with customers on a quarterly basis across Europe and Asia. In both regions our NPS is industry leading and we use NPS to evidence our customer ambitions and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

In Asia for the past two quarters we have seen a remarkable improvement in our scores. After analysing the data we spotted strong improvements in customer satisfaction on range of vital measures:

  • The biggest growth has been around our responsiveness to business needs which has gone up by 29% between March and September 2021. This means that when a customer needs something we delivered on that quickly and efficiently.
  • The second area has been the satisfaction expressed by customers in connection with our network performance. This has improved by 25% across the last 2 quarters and is a great proof point for the quality of the Colt IQ Network and our underlying technology.
  • The quality of our communication with customers has also performed well – with satisfaction jumping 24% in the last quarter.

Each of these areas have behind the scenes stories that have driven these improvements.

In Dalian, our team have been working with colleagues who manage calls from our Japanese customers to set new exercises where our people can learn from each other and share best practice. In series of supportive and carefully planned review sessions colleagues learn from each other and collaboratively improve their communication delivery to our customers. As well as being valuable to the customers, our people have loved the opportunity to collaborate together.

The team have also taken on additional responsibilities to get trained to check the alarm status of a circuit. This means they can inform customers straight away rather than wait for technical guidance.

The work of the team in Dalian is an illustration of how all Colt colleagues are working relentlessly in the background to ensure our attention to detail drives significant improvements in our customer experience in Asia.

This level of focus is applied across Colt and one of the reasons we have an industry leading NPS score. In Europe our NPS has grown year-on-year to stand at 65 and we continue to invest in customer experience to go above and beyond.

Noah Roychowdhury, Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt Technology Services.

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