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Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) has delivered a welcomed expansion to our Berlin facility, amid soaring economic growth in the Silicon Valley of Europe.

Berlin has witnessed a huge surge in demand for colocation solutions from a combination of industries due to a rapidly growing economy and digital marketplace. Colt DCS has responded how it does best: by supplying customers with what they want exactly when they need it to help facilitate the growth of their businesses.

We’re proud to continue to provide the German market with industry leading and flexible colocation solution. Colt DCS is playing a pivotal role in contributing to the infrastructure which underpins these growing businesses and start-ups in the region.

Meeting the demand

We have stepped in to meet the increasing demand and provide German businesses with a stable and resilient infrastructure offering carrier and cloud neutral colocation solutions.

This has led to the expansion of our Tier 3 carrier-neutral Berlin site. This impressive state-of-the-art facility has been extended to offer space for a staggering 200 standard racks, and measures almost 500 square meters.

The growth in Berlin is a reflection of a surge in the number of virtual companies as well as the transformation of once-traditional businesses now entering the digital marketplace.

Reacting to the surge, Colt DCS has reinforced its position as the infrastructure provider of choice, working alongside these digital businesses to help them thrive and become the next big thing in their marketplace.

And how do we achieve this? By providing state-of-the-art data centre solutions to facilitate business growth.

Colt’s global footprint

The newly expanded Berlin site is part of our network of 29 data centres across Europe and Asia.

Additionally, we have two further flagship sites in the major German markets of Frankfurt and Hamburg. Each of these impressive facilities is strategically located to provide local businesses the type of colocation solution that suits their needs.

What the future holds

The expansion in Europe is testament of an increase in demand in the colocation market across the globe due to digital business growth. We have responded to this surge in activity with exciting expansion plans for 2016 and beyond.

Our London data centre has been extended to 1,000 square meters in recent years, allowing us to facilitate technological demand and drive it forward. Last year saw us expand our Hamburg data centre, adding an overall 2,535m2 of space

We are also delighted to be building a brand new 5000sqm data centre in Tokyo.

With such huge demand, we are looking to our future, and with plans to further grow our portfolio within our 2016 roadmap, we are extremely excited to be responding to this global trend.

Find out more

Contact Colt DCS today to find out how our data centre solutions can help your business today.

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05 May 2016

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