Shaping the future of connectivity and sustainability with Colt’s Innovation Team

In a world where innovation and adaptation are essential for businesses to thrive, Colt’s Innovation Team is at the forefront of creating ground-breaking solutions. Set up to address the complex challenges customers face, Colt’s team of cross-domain specialists are dedicated to inventing new products and business models that drive sustainable growth for Colt, its partners and customers. Their mission is to foster co-development with a network of partners to bring innovative solutions to the market.

This short video offers a glimpse into Colt’s exciting journey, showcasing their pioneering work in various industries.

Industry 4.0

Colt has joined forces with IBM and partners to develop visual inspection and asset management solutions. By integrating AI models into quality control and data analysis processes, Colt enhances its capabilities through IBM Maximo’s AI features, Colt OnDemand and Colt Edge.

Sustainability and smart buildings

With a focus on sustainability and energy optimisation, Colt has worked with key partners to develop a smart building prototype. This concept leverages Colt Edge, Private Lora WAN for IoT Network, and SaaS-based energy monitoring solutions, coupled with advanced data analytics and AI techniques.

Connected workspace

Recognising the evolution of workplaces beyond traditional brick-and-mortar spaces, Colt has co-developed a telepresence robot solution with its partners. This solution provides remote employees with a tangible presence, enabling them to connect and collaborate seamlessly using a cloud-based controller.

Edge computing

Low latency and quick processing are paramount in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Colt partnered with CIN and others to commission a Colt Street Edge Cabinet in Shoreditch, which opens the door to diverse applications including Mobile Core Networks, IoT for Smart Cities, 5G Fixed Wireless Access, and Edge Computing.

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