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How good is the customer experience (CX) from your critical suppliers?

In our 2021 cloud research we found that ERP and CRM systems, closely followed by collaboration platforms, are the focus of the next round of cloud migration. These are all mission critical and our 2020 research found that cloud confidence was high – with 96% of senior IT decision makers confident in moving critical business capabilities to the cloud.

Colt is already leading the industry in customer experience – our NPS score just hit a new record of 71 in Europe. Compared to our peers, Colt’s NPS tracks at more than double the leading industry averages published in the 2020 Forrester Net Promoter Benchmark. But what stands out for those who rely on us for cloud connectivity?

Our scores for cloud customers were even better than our average in many areas, with customers identifying three areas of particular importance; Resolution of problems, service delivery and responsiveness to business needs.

How quickly your critical suppliers resolve problems should be a key consideration, especially when it comes to cloud connectivity. We’re investing in the people and processes to not only quickly respond to issues, but to ensure that our customers are kept up to date throughout. Every account at Colt has a named service manager and we’re always on hand to answer questions or concerns.

In our 2020 cloud research we found that the average cost of a one month delay to a cloud project was around £100,000 – so it’s great to see that our cloud connectivity customers scored us highly for service delivery. Cloud migration projects can be months or years long and delays are costly, so getting connectivity up and running quickly is key.

The final area where we scored well was in ‘responsiveness to business needs.’ Part of the appeal of the cloud is its flexibility and agility and this should be matched by the network – the static approach doesn’t work here and our customers need us to respond to the challenges and opportunities they face.

Your cloud platform will only ever be as good as your connectivity – so when the applications being migrated are mission critical, this is no longer ‘just’ about user experience, but about keeping the business running and competitive.

Our approach to CX focuses on attention and care throughout the entire customer journey. We have implemented tools to proactively support our customers in ensuring their network performs optimally, and we’ve invested in our people to provide more colleagues to take care of their everyday needs.

Can your critical suppliers do the same?

Noah Roychowdhury, Head of Customer Intelligence, Colt Technology Services

John Armenakas, Director Cloud Partners Practise, Colt Technology Services

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