Extraordinary connections at Gartner Expo 2022

Gartner’s Barcelona expo is one of the big events on Colt’s calendar and we’re looking forward to getting back to meeting in person. We’ve got two fascinating speaking sessions and plenty of Colt’s team in attendance across the four days.

Our speaker sessions should be essential viewing for those looking to build a secure and flexible enterprise network, or anyone who wants to learn how to build a technical and partner foundation in a highly pressurised industry with no room for error.

On Monday, we’ve got Mohit Manral, our Group Product Manager, sharing how to build an agile and secure enterprise network with SD WAN and SASE. These are two solutions with huge growth predicted in the next few years and something a lot of customers are taking seriously for their next project.

On Tuesday Italo Andriani from Eurovision Services with be joining Colt’s Ash Surti and Malcolm Puddefoot to chat about the platform that enables Eurovision Services to deliver content from the world’s biggest sporting events.

If you follow sports in any flavour, whether that’s football, athletics, basketball, golf or anything else, then odds are Italo and his colleagues will have been involved in taking the footage and sharing it around the world. The technology here is critical – imagine the feed dropping out just as your team has a last minute corner! We’ll be chatting to Italo about the work they do, how they build a highly resilient network and the tech trends on the way in the broadcast industry.

If you’d like to book a meeting then just follow this link where you’ll also find more information on our two speaker sessions. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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