Franchisee programme proves a ‘win-win’ for Northdoor and Colt

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We speak to Philip Caulfield, Head of Sales of Integrated Solutions at Northdoor, one of Colt’s franchisee partners, about the benefits of being part of the franchisee programme and the trends that are shaping the demands of Northdoor’s customers at present. Visit our dedicated franchisee website and discover the wide range of ICT services that Colt Franchisees can offer you.  

Q: Can you give us a quick overview of Northdoor?
A: We’re a City of London based IT solutions company made up of a 100-strong team of experts. We serve businesses in financial and professional services, media and retail. We’re one of Colt’s franchisee partners, helping our customers successfully implement the company’s networking, communications and data centre solutions to solve their business challenges. What sets us apart is that we’re extremely customer-centric. We’re dedicated to building long lasting relationships with our customers and making IT a strategic tool for the business.

Q: Why did you decide to partner with Colt?
A: We work with companies such as Microsoft and IBM who we consider truly leading edge. The same applies to Colt. We feel that Colt is at the top of its game when it comes to data centre and networking solutions. Being a Colt franchisee therefore enables us to serve our customer more effectively, and to grow our customer base.

Q: What types of trends are shaping your customers’ demands at present?
A: Regulatory compliance is becoming more and more important for our customers. Data is a precious commodity which they have to handle, protect and store better. In the 1990s, businesses just needed to tick a box to show they were compliant with data storage and protection. But today regulations are much stricter. We’re currently helping a customer to move backups from a very laborious tape set-up to a cloud environment, which will allow the business to make considerable cost savings while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Data analytics and warehousing is another increasingly important trend, especially for our ecommerce and retail customers. Companies need to understand their interactions with their customers much better. It’s no longer only about what they have bought – it’s about gathering and analysing information from multiple touch points to turn these huge data volumes into actionable insights.

Q: How do you work together with Colt?
A: As a Colt franchisee, Northdoor has a very close relationship with Colt. We are a strategic advisor to businesses, working closely with Colt and our other partners to build bespoke solutions that best address our customers’ needs. We also work together with Colt to attract new customers and are currently working on a joint lead generation campaign. Our collaborative relationship is based on a common goal: excellent customer service. It’s a win-win for Northdoor and Colt.

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