Hitting new customer experience highs with our Q2 NPS

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Customer experience is the pulse of every company and never has it been so important for brands to go above and beyond so customers know that they will get the service they need. With all businesses under pressure to deliver, ‘somewhat’ satisfied is no longer enough.

At Colt, we want to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver an extraordinary experience across all touchpoints they have with us.

Our Q2 NPS scores just landed and we are thrilled that the European score has broken our records, pipping the Q1 ’22 result by a point and coming in at an incredible 73! Our Asia score also grew by 7 points from Q1’s score, showing steady progress up to 47.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) acts as a benchmark for Colt’s customer experience and helps us to understand how we’re doing in the eyes of our customers.

It was only recently that Noah Roychowdhury, Colt’s Head of Customer Intelligence, shared the news of our record-breaking and award-winning NPS in Q1, and described how we’re leading the TMT industry in customer experience thanks to the hard work and dedication of all our customer facing and behind the scenes teams.

Helen Lawrence, our VP of Sales and Customer Success, and Mimmo Zappi, VP of Enterprise and Capital Markets Sales, shared what this latest NPS means for our customers and Colt:

Our vision is to be the most customer-oriented company in our industry and to make doing business with us effortless at every stage.

This new high for NPS shows that our customers’ experience is hugely positive. It’s industry-leading, in fact, and that’s something I’m extremely proud of. It illustrates that the hard work being done by our teams is making the impact we want; making it even more easy and seamless for our customers to work with us.

73 in EU and 47 in Asia are amazing scores, but we’re not stopping there. There’s much more planned and we’re set on continuing to improve our service and customer experience for customers all around the world.
Helen Lawrence, VP, Sales and Customer Success

Customer expectations have moved beyond the basics of getting quality service for a fair price. Today, our customers expect personalised, proactive service at all times and across all channels – regardless of whether they interact with Colt in person, online, or via a portal.

We strive to deeply understand our customers’ requirements, to drive their business and digital transformation goals. It’s great to see that these NPS scores reflect the close relationship Colt teams have with our customers.
Mimmo Zappi, VP, Enterprise and Capital Markets Sales

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