How a CIO and Franchisee can form a win-win partnership

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Almost 2 in 3 businesses in Europe are experiencing a technology deficit today. This is a real headache not only for the IT department, but also for the CIO, as it is a strategic challenge for the enterprise. The challenge that the IT department faces in addressing this tech deficit is that it has to deal with so many different IT, network, voice and data centers services providers. Where to go for the best offering? Who is best equipped to support the evolution of the business and help the organisation meet its needs today and tomorrow in line with overall strategy? For those challenges, the Franchisee is emerging as an ideal partner.

Businesses need to transform through the use of digital technologies, many European organisations are not ready. A research report commissioned by Colt in 2014 shows that 72% of European businesses are facing a tech deficit. Only one in four enterprises think that their current technology infrastructure will enable them to innovate, and meet their future operational needs. Given the huge role that technology plays in businesses today, the tech deficit is a strategic business challenge for the CIO. But it is also an opportunity for transformation.

For decades, the CIO was responsible for solving technology problems and keeping the IT lights on, but lately that job description has evolved into something much more strategic. Now the primary duty of a CIO is using technology to solve critical business problems. The CIO also acts as a link between the different Directors and decision makers across the business. This shift in the CIO’s role will require a completely new mindset that will enable the CIO to work directly with the Board. He or she will need to adopt targeted methodologies that define specific business requirements and identify related IT challenges. More than ever he or she will have to come up with a roadmap in line with the budget constraints and the transformation of the business. The pinnacle of any CIO’s strategy is to ensure the reliability, security and agility of the new tools being implemented. The Chief Information Officer acts as the gateway in the logical chain between strategy and operational excellence.

How to bridge the tech deficit and meet operational demands

The Chief Information Officer is crucial to driving innovation by serving as a link between the business strategy and the IT agenda – fusing the vision for tomorrow with the realities of today. For that, he or she needs to collate the right information and relevant advice. A crucial question is how to make the IT managers life easier. With so many services and providers to choose from, the CIO is inundated with various options. How can he or she find the best solution and make the right choice?

To help him or her best deal with IT in all of its diversity and to be able to adapt it for use today as well as tomorrow, Colt has recently launched a dedicated website designed to provide all the information on Franchisees. Colt is able to offer a full range of IT, network, data centre and voice services, through its network of partners to meet the specific needs of small and medium sized businesses.

Working with a Colt franchisee, the CIO will be able to establish a close relationship with a partner via an ICT one-stop-shop providing Network, Voice, Data Centre and IT Services in addition to a large range of products and solutions ranging from Unified Communication, PBXs, LANs, Security solutions, hardware and software integration, and much more. A tight-knit SLA that can address all the business needs will give CIOs a peace of mind and reassurance that their chosen partner is taking good care of their IT infrastructure.

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20 April 2015

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