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November means many things. The temperature drops, the days get shorter, and many men start sporting moustaches – where they previously had bald upper lips.

This is because November is Movember, a chance to raise awareness around male mental health issues as well as prostate and testicular cancer. To mark Movember, we asked three colleagues in the UK about why they’re taking part and how they look after their mental and physical wellbeing.


James Belli – Project Management Graduate

During my placement year two years ago, a few colleagues decided to take part in Movember, and that was the first time I came to know about this cause. I was inspired by the effect it had on people in the office, especially on colleagues who were going through a tough time. Although at first glance, it may seem that growing a moustache wouldn’t have much of a direct impact, I believe it can be extremely beneficial for raising awareness and having a positive impact on people.

James’ tips for maintaining your mental health:

Sleep well and physical exercise. I think working out is one of the best ways to maintain good mental health. It is scientifically proven that jogging or any other type of exercise has a very positive impact on us. My advice is also to listen to Ted Talks investigating mental health as they are often very interesting and encouraging.

David Cox, Procurement and Supply Manager – Mo space:

This is my 8th Movember. I support the charity because I want to stop men dying too young. In the UK, 75% of suicides are men – that’s a shocking statistic. It’s vitally important that we continue to get the message out there to all men, young and old, that it’s good to talk. So, it’s not just about raising money but more importantly, about raising awareness. If you get any group of males together, they will inevitably talk about stuff like sport or music but rarely about how they are feeling. Hopefully, that’s changing, and with people like Stormzy speaking out about his depression, young men are starting to understand that it’s ok not to be ok.

David’s tips for maintaining your mental health:

The obvious ones really; eating a balanced diet, regular activity or exercise, a manageable work-life balance, and talking if you’re feeling stressed or worried about something. Talk to a friend, colleague, family member – a quick five or ten-minute chat can definitely help.

Joe Garner – Product Marketing Graduate

I’m taking part in Movember because I believe raising awareness about men’s mental health is key. I saw friends suffer from mental health problems at University. They struggled to open up about their issues and tackle the things that they were suffering from. By encouraging people to speak up and letting them know they will be supported to do so, it can help to improve quality of life, reduce the stigma attached to men’s mental health, and create the space needed to have conversations that may have been avoided in the past.

Joe’s tips for maintaining your mental health:

My main tip is to have an outlet where you can forget about all your problems and typical day-to-day life. I do this by playing football. When I’m on the pitch, I’m only thinking about the game and enjoying myself with friends in a great environment.

Norbert Szalay – Energy Manager at Colt Data Centre Services – Mo Space:  

I’m taking part in Movember to support those affected by cancer, and to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research. Early detection gives the best chance of survival, so preventative checks are simply the best way to try to look after yourself. Go to the Movember website for more information about detecting prostate and testicular cancer.


Inspired? Find out how to get involved with Movember here.

To see how Colt employees have been engaging with Movember and wellbeing this month, check out our Instagram feed.





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