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Multicast market data distribution in the cloud is here – what’s next?

Capital market companies are no strangers to the cloud. Within their industry, they have been amongst the most enthusiastic adopters of this technology, although adoption has been curbed by one major challenge – multicast market data distribution in the cloud.

In collaboration with AWS, we have developed a solution based on leading-edge technology that allows us to deliver raw multicast market data directly to our customers’ cloud environments in its original format, ensuring seamless integration with their applications and eliminating the need for middleware or data conversion. Customers can quickly move their workloads to the cloud, like at a colocation site.

Cloud-deployed market data solutions have existed and been embraced by both buy-side and sell-side firms. Still, multicast data remained elusive – before partnerships like us and AWS, that is. There has historically been no easy way to get raw multicast market data delivered to cloud environments. Any such deployments would require clients to re-write and re-test applications, creating a significant risk, a considerable barrier to entry, and a requirement to run multiple versions of the same software. Cloud-deployed market data solutions typically involve converting multicast data to unicast via middleware or software layers, costing additional time and money.

Enabling raw multicast feeds in the cloud mean that firms can ‘lift and shift’ workloads from on-premise sites to the cloud, thanks to the partnership forged by Colt and AWS. Customers will also benefit from the ability to move workloads from the cloud back to colocation, should their applications require the absolute lowest latencies.

In addition to this flexibility, this cloud-based market data distribution model eliminates firms’ exposure to hardware procurement risks and significantly cuts down on time-to-market, taking the timelines down from months to weeks. It also offers a sustainable alternative to traditional on-premise set-ups, with no additional equipment required for deployment.

As promising as this technology is, in practice, it must be supported by a monitoring service that can trace the market data from its source to the point of customer hand-off. Firms that deploy multicast market data in the cloud should seek a partner to provide this end-to-end visibility and ensure data cleanliness and integrity.

Colt Market Data in the Cloud enables multicast data distribution in AWS, full management, and end-to-end market data monitoring.

To find out more, check our full Market Data in the Cloud page.

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