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Colt’s cloud connectivity service was selected to ensure secure and stable performance when migrating to OCI

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Recruiting service provider decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) due to cost and future scalability

Persol Career Co., Ltd. selects Colt’s cloud connectivity service to connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Colt’s low latency, high bandwidth cloud connectivity service has enabled a secure and stable connection between the OCI and the data centre. We are very satisfied with their support for the rapid implementation of our business with Colt’s highly reliable closed network.”
Mr. Sotaro Aoyagi Lead engineer, Technology Division Infrastructure Management and System Common BITA Department, IT Infrastructure Group Persol Career Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Persol Career Co., Ltd. is a recruiting service provider that aims to create jobs, develop people and contribute to society under the group vision of “Work and laugh.” The company has been supporting the growth of workers by operating the “doda” job change support service, various staffing services and recruiting media.


The company had been using Oracle Exadata to operate its existing Oracle Database. However, they were forced to review their operating environment due to the hardware support ending. With options of continuing the on-premises operation or shifting to the cloud, they decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) due to cost and future scalability. The company reviewed and compared multiple network providers to implement the network that connects OCI to the data centre when migrating to the cloud.

Why Colt

“Quick access to data” is directly linked to the user experience, so selecting OCI and the network for accessing the OCI, as its operation infrastructure, were important points. The company decided to implement Colt’s cloud connectivity service to ensure secure and stable performance when migrating to OCI. Mr. Aoyagi says, “Since various services, such as recruiting media, handle important data including personal information, ensuring security was a prerequisite. Colt has a wealth of experience with cloud connectivity, so we were confident that it was of reliable quality. Colt’s cloud connectivity service can connect OCI and the data centre in a completely closed environment, so that we can use it with peace of mind.” He reflects, “A deciding factor for us was the high-cost performance of the high bandwidth, low latency network that reduces stress when accessing the database.” “Despite the unstable social situation due to the outbreak of COVID-19, they provided us with the service smoothly and on time. Since the implementation, the system has been operating stably as our service operation infrastructure, and we are very satisfied with it,” he added.

Future plans

The company uses the latest technology to enhance and evolve its existing businesses and develop services in line with its mission. Mr. Aoyagi explained their plan to aggressively shift to the cloud to improve business agility while ensuring quality. “We are considering building a multi-cloud environment where databases and applications in the data centre are migrated to the cloud and then coordinated across various public clouds to be completed.” He added, “We are aiming to achieve this within a few years, not only for Persol Career but we also have plans to eliminate data centres by shifting to the cloud across the whole of Persol Holdings. We hope that Colt will continue to provide us with a high quality and stable network to build an IT environment that supports our rapid business expansion.”

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Persol had to review their operating environment due to the hardware support ending


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