Preparing for the modern workplace: Insights from experts

Olivia McDonald, Cloud Voice Product Operations Lead at Colt, hosted a webinar discussing the modern workplace and the role of cloud voice in shaping the future of work.

Olivia was joined by Oliver Lifely, Partner Account Manager at Luware; Andy Macdonald, UK & Ireland Country Manager at Audiocodes; and from Colt, Tim Cook, Director Sales Specialist Cloud Voice and Tim Hiscox, Global Partner Development Manager.

The modern workplace is a dynamic and flexible environment that fosters productivity and collaboration, using technologies like Microsoft Teams that enable seamless flexible working across all locations.

The panel discussed everything from automation to customer experience, exploring artificial intelligence’s (AI) impact on communication strategies. They also shared their thoughts on what features make a workplace ‘modern’; the potential for automation in a voice network; what business leaders can do to overcome the industry’s common obstacles; and the evolution of customer experience.

Watch the full webinar to hear the panel discuss the following topics in more detail.

The evolution of the modern workplace

The pandemic prompted a swift transition to remote work, leading organisations to adopt various communication applications for survival. As we emerged from the pandemic, organisations had the opportunity to build a strategic “modern work” strategy, integrating essential applications like unified communications (UC), customer relationship management (CRM) and office-based platforms for a modern ecosystem.

Potential for automation in voice networks

Automation in voice networks streamlines processes, improves network performance, and enhances customer experience. It includes contact centre agent automation, meeting productivity tools, and automated threat detection for network security.

Integrating automation for better customer experience

Automation in a voice network can significantly impact customer experience. Organisations can optimise operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service by leveraging advanced analytics, natural language processing and voice bots.

The role of AI in communication

AI, like ChatGPT, is becoming increasingly relevant in the communication landscape. Its potential is immense, from improving meeting productivity to enabling virtual AI assistants. However, it is crucial to approach AI cautiously, verify its outputs, and involve human review when necessary.

Cloud voice and other communication technologies play a pivotal role in shaping this future of work. Embracing automation and AI can enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of the modern workplace. Organisations must consider communication strategies to stay ahead in an ever-changing business landscape.

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