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Every organisation needs a plan for greater success next time

Migrating essential workloads to the cloud comes with multiple benefits, but there will always be a wish list of things to be considered when it comes to future projects. This blog looks at some of the future cloud wishes of key IT decision-makers, with many sharing the same goals and objectives – especially involving flexible networking.

Even the most successful IT projects should conclude with an analysis of how to do better next time. When migrating essential workloads to the cloud, there will inevitably be a wish list of things to be considered and built into plans for the next wave.

At Colt, we were keen to learn what lessons organisations believed they had learned from past cloud projects as part of our annual cloud report for 2022. We asked senior IT and C-suite decision-makers to offer their thoughts, especially what they plan on doing next time. What do they need to consider to get the best out of the next stage?

The desire for more flexible connectivity to support cloud projects was on the minds of many senior executives. Our research reveals that this desire is common across verticals. Some 34% of those in retail said they wished they’d integrated more flexible networking the first time, followed by healthcare and pharma players at 30%. Among IT companies, 36% said it would be on the agenda next time, with manufacturers close behind on 35%.

Automation is increasingly happening across the IT stack, helping streamline processes and enabling optimal experiences for customers and employees. This no doubt explains why so many people wanted better API integration in their next phase of cloud migration. Of respondents in media and entertainment, 45% have earmarked it for next time. Telcos, travel, transport and logistics companies were all matched at 41%.

Better hybrid and multi-cloud orchestration to help deal with diverse and complex cloud deployments are also in the thoughts of many as they formulate future cloud plans. IT providers closely followed healthcare and pharma respondents at 42% in desiring this for the future. Retailers at 39% and financial service institutions at 34% were not far behind.

Considered geographically, Germany (44%), France (44%) and Spain (39%) top the list of countries considering greater multi-cloud orchestration down the line. Singapore goes further, with 43% wanting more.

If you are a stakeholder in the cloud ecosystem and would like to find out more, download our full Cloud Research report.

Research is already underway for the next edition of the report, available later this year.

Colt Technology Services

02 February 2023

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