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We recently announced the results of a survey, highlighting the importance of working with suppliers that offer a superior customer experience. It seemed a great opportunity to share with you some insights into Colt’s Customer Experience programme.

Our ethos and vision at Colt is to be recognised as the most customer-oriented company in our industry. Hence the rollout of our customer experience programme isn’t simply treated as a project that will inject in some colour here and there, to be all wrapped up in a years’ time. At Colt, our focus is to transform ourselves into a service company that has the customers at its core.

How is this achieved? By delivering an excellent customer experience via two key streams:

We get feedback from our customers on every interaction they have with us and use it to identify and correct pain points. This approach drives towards functional excellence to ensure that we deliver against expectations.

But delivering against expectations isn’t enough. The second stream focusses on going beyond this to create a truly differentiated experience for our customers that  creates a longer-term ‘emotional connection’, centred around a deep understanding of what matters to our customers from both a personal and business perspective, to define exactly what great service means to them.

Through this ongoing and extensive customer research, we have identified four principles of great customer service which we intend to apply to everything that we do at Colt:

  1. Rock solid – all output should be absolutely dependable, so that we do what we say we’re going to do, everything works the way it’s supposed to and customers can rely on us
  2. Step up – taking ownership of the outcome for the customer when it really matters
  3. Tell it as it is – it’s important to our customers that we strive for open communication in both directions, and pay attention when customers have either good or bad things to say about us so that everyone knows exactly where they stand
  4. Seeing things through the customers’ eyes – the most important element of all is based on empathy and standing shoulder to shoulder with our customers. This allows us to deliver against their interests rather than putting ours first

Applying these four principles across each stage of a customer journey allows us to establish strong connections with our customers, to really build trust in Colt as an organisation. This trust is imperative in today’s ever-competitive technology landscape, as CIOs look for heightened support with increasingly complex tasks and projects.

In Colt’s recent Moments that Matter research, the majority (85%) of IT leaders agreed that technology issues are sometimes inevitable, but that a partner really proves its value when things go wrong (81% for SMEs). They understand the impact of service interruption and act accordingly. The results show how important it is to work with the right team – both in terms of the internal team and trusted suppliers and partners.

Once a level of trust is established, Colt can build a connection with the customer so that everything flows and is synchronised. Customers that have a sense of loyalty and advocacy to an organisation stay longer, spend more and talk positively about it.

Colt is transforming itself into a service company with customers at the heart, and at all levels. Providing great customer experience is becoming part of our DNA and will simply be the way that we do business.

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19 October 2015

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