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Colt Ethernet Line / Hub & Spoke as a disaster recovery solution

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World Family’s business challenges

Our organization faced the following challenges in optimizing internal systems:
1. Slow network speed between business sites
2. High system workloads at individual business sites, requiring migration to a data centre
3. Lack of an internal network equipped to weather disasters
4. Cost considerations

Why Colt

After comparing different network service providers, we selected Colt Ethernet Line / Hub & Spoke because it allows for end-to-end redundancy at all business sites and they have a proven record of delivering high-performance broadband at high-value price points. Colt is also well-versed in implementing low-latency networks with redundant configuration. These reasons gave us the confidence to trust Colt to fulfil our stringent requirements.

Future plans

We’re very pleased with the performance of Colt’s network. Going forward, we plan to further improve our applications and streamline our internal systems to take advantage of their high-quality broadband.

Owing to Colt’s networks and high reliability, we were quite pleased to see that our operations were unaffected and continued running smoothly, even during the 2011 quake/tsunami that hit Fukushima, Japan. We plan to leverage the quality and stability of this network to implement secure and efficient internal systems.Yasuhiro Shinozaki PhD, Senior Manager, Network Management World Family K.K.

Colt solution

Colt Ethernet Line / Hub & Spoke offers an optimized Ethernet network service that combines ultra low latency, burstability, the reliability of a leased line service, and the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Wide Area Ethernet.

Ultra low latency
      • Industry-best ultra low latency networks facilitated by fully leveraging Colt expertise in HFT and other financial markets
      • Network optimized to the microsecond through streamlined fibre routes, network topology, low latency network equipment, and efficient traffic engineering
Seamless scalability & flexibility
      • Enables flexible bandwidth changes and burstability without requiring equipment upgrades as high capacity access links (1/10 Gbps) are already provided
      • Service delivered in as little as 10 days as circuit terminal equipment is already installed
Premium quality
      • Fully redundant core and optional redundancy in access circuits facilitate end-to-end guaranteed bandwidth and fast switching (<50ms) in case of disruption
      • Premium quality ensured through SLAs on availability, bandwidth, fault handling, and delivery, as well as various monitoring capabilities

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17 December 2016

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