Build your core network backbone

Demand secure, high-performance, high-bandwidth connectivity

Modern bandwidth requirements are causing strain on traditional networks

With the growth of cloud and amount of data increasing exponentially every day, the quality and coverage of your high-capacity backbone network is more critical than ever, for you and for your customers.

Interconnection bandwidth alone is forecasted to grow at 45% CAGR globally, according to a recent report from Equinix, to reach 16,307 Terabits per second by 2023.

Relying on public internet to manage your vital collaboration tools can bring challenges with speed and reliability, impacting team performance. Your cloud tools and applications are only ever as good as the network which delivers them, and so companies are increasingly turning to dedicated networks and prioritised traffic to ensure smooth performance.

You need a connectivity partner who provides services wherever you need them, who can provide end-to-end service assurance and visibility, and who can offer added security where required.

Whether you are looking to transport high volumes of data between your key data centres, or require dedicated high-bandwidth connectivity, you need a partner that you can rely upon every second of every day.

Your challenges are our challenges. With nearly 30 years experience, we're investing not just in our network, but into the service and support that goes with it, to ensure that we're constantly exceeding your expectations.​

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The Colt IQ Network connects to more data centres in Europe + Asia than any other provider

Colt delivers industry-first deployment of 800G technology in the L-band

Colt Technology Services today became the first provider to deploy 800G technology in the L-band across a terrestrial network. This was attained using Ciena’s Reconfigurable Line System (RLS), WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optics, and Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller.


998, 999, 1,000. We’ve hit two industry-leading milestones

We’ve increased our connectivity to data centres and cloud on-ramps, hitting two industry-leading milestones. Colt now connects to over 1,000 data centres and 225 cloud on-ramps in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, more than any other network provider in Europe and Asia.

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Build a core network on infrastructure you can trust


The Colt IQ Network: A reliable, intelligent backbone

Our connectivity solutions are based on our intelligent Colt IQ Network, providing you with the best network for the best cloud experience. Get direct access to enterprise buildings and key data centres across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

Any transport type on an award-winning network: We provide Ethernet, MPLS, Internet, SD WAN, IP VPN and Wavelength connectivity solutions, and are recognised globally for the quality of our service.

Guaranteed high-performance: We own every part of our own network, so we can ensure services maintain their quality globally with end-to-end SLAs.

Competitive pricing & stronger security: Owning our network also means we can deliver competitive pricing across our services, while giving you more security, visibility & control over your service through to the last mile.

Every business is different, get a bespoke service package that suits you.

At Colt, we have an extensive portfolio across both network connectivity, voice communications, cloud connectivity and everything in between. If you want to discuss how Colt can package a number of these functions into a single managed solution, there are a number of ways to reach out to us.

With nearly 30 years' experience, we're investing not just in our network, but into the service and support that goes with it, to ensure that we're constantly exceeding your expectations.​

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