Manage all Service Access Numbers from order to cease through one centralised portal

Available across 13 countries , Voice On Demand is available as part of the Colt IN Services and Contact Centre Services portfolio, enabling you to scale services up and down in near real time in line with dynamic business demands.

You can take full control of your voice services via the Voice On-Demand Portal, allows you to select country, number type, number range and quantity for fast and simple ordering, supported by intuitive filtering options, no paper forms required.

Voice on Demand
Keep pace with dynamic business demands

Minimise time-to-market by ordering Service Access Numbers in a few clicks

Quickly and simply expand to new countries with regulation compliant voice services across 13 countries

Simplify operations by managing all numbers and value added services internationally through one centralised account

Reduce your admin costs and retain control by avoiding paperwork with online ordering, porting and cease

Launch new campaigns

Order new service access numbers online with near-real-time delivery and launch new campaigns when your business demands it, with no need for advance planning

New country, new subsidiary

Entering a new market in just a few clicks and can get all regulatory compliance information by just looking it up on the Colt Voice On Demand Portal

Reselling voice services

Keep your business agile, by easily keeping track of hundreds or thousands of numbers delivered to your customers and order more or cease any them with a few clicks

Respond faster to new business needs with Voice on Demand


Introduce new Service Access Numbers in a few clicks, with automated process to implement complex routings online through visual scripts


On Demand Services allow you to deal with unpredictable demand. Rely on a provider with network access capabilities up to 100G and as a Service pay as you go model

Local expertise

When you need to comply with local regulations you need a best of breed supplier for regulatory compliant inbound & outbound voice across 13 countries, all managed through one centralised account



Guaranteed performance with extensive network coverage



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