With Britain leaving the European Union on the 31 December 2020, there are a number of factors that will affect the way that we work. In this page, we aim to highlight and answer any of the major questions you may have about the transition. See below:

How is Colt currently preparing for Brexit?

Colt has established a working group to identify and manage all potential business exposures in relation to Brexit, which will respond and prepare as necessary to the UK and EU deal. This group is cross-functional, and includes members from Supply Chain, Procurement, Tax, Data Protection, Legal, Systems, Regulatory, and HR.

Is Brexit going to change how Colt structures its organisation or does business?

While there is still much discussion about what Brexit means for the business landscape, we are making the necessary preparations to ensure that it doesn’t change how we do business now, or plan to do business in the foreseeable future. We were founded 27 years ago in the city of London and Brexit isn’t going to change how we operate. The past two decades have seen us become a truly global company, connecting businesses across Europe, Asia and North America and our core mission of powering organisations’ digital transformation will not change.

Will Colt rely more heavily on hubs such as Dublin and Amsterdam, as opposed to London moving forward?

There is much discussion around cities such as Dublin and Amsterdam and how businesses will utilise them as hubs in 2021. However, Colt isn’t changing how it is structured or headquartered in the foreseeable future. Colt prides itself on the reach and density of its IQ Network in Europe. We have a strong presence in both hubs, as well as the other top business centres across Europe.  However, our customers choose to structure their organisations, Colt as always can support that.