Colt SD WAN - Accelerating digital transformation with the best in breed SD WAN solution

Increase your WAN bandwidth smarter, whilst adding flexibility and agility – and saving cost.

Are you looking to increase bandwidth within your flat or declining WAN budget, off-load less critical traffic securely to public Internet directly at your site, manage changes yourself via online portal and upgrade bandwidth instantaneously?

If so, consider Colt’s award-winning SD WAN solution.

Colt SD WAN enables Internet to beused as a business network and an MPLS alternative for your WAN. You will be provided with small common off the shelf (COTS) servers, pre-configured boxes, as easy to set up as a home WiFi. We have also launched universal CPE, which is also available on a self-install basis

Site types

  • SD WAN Hybrid (3rd Party OLO line + Internet line)
  • SD WAN Internet-only (Internet line)
  • SD WAN MPLS-only (Off-net and On-net)


Multiple, regional gateways, deployed in EU, Asia and US, ensure proper coverage and connectivity between the MPLS and Internet cloud. Colt’s key supplier partnerships are with Versa Networks and VMware, recognised leaders in WAN Edge Infrastructure.’

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)

Different functions, such as router, firewall and application performance monitor are delivered as software applications on one and the same server.

Transport Security

All WAN traffic is encrypted via IPsec tunnelling, if not using private dedicated lines

Key Features

Self-Install CPE (Zero Touch Provisioning)

  • A simplified way for Customers to enable Colt SD-WAN service globally without having to have technical resources on site. A CPE with basic configuration is shipped to end site where any site personnel can connect it to the network and complete activation quickly and easily.

Dual CPE (High Availability Site)

  • For additional resiliency, two SDWAN CPEs can be provided in high availability mode, to ensure that if either SD-WAN CPE fails traffic will be routed to the other.

Multi-Cloud Access

  • SD WAN Multi-Cloud provides high performance, inexpensive, and secure cloud and cloud-to-cloud connectivity directly into leading cloud service providers. It extends the SD WAN benefits of security, analytics and optimization to connectivity to the public cloud

Colt SASE solutions

  • Colt SASE enables organizations to securely connect branch offices, users, applications and devices regardless of their location. In addition to providing secure access, Colt SASE enables fast, seamless, and consistent application performance, via the cloud, on-premises, or a blend combination of both, ensuring a positive user experience.

SD WAN Remote Access

  • Remote access is a cloud-deployed solution that allows you to securely connect remote or travelling employees to the enterprise network or Cloud/SaaS over any Internet. The self-management portal provides visibility & control to users and more for enterprise admin. The SASE based client allows users to connect easily and securely from their laptop or desktop.

Colt SASE Gateway Solution

  • Colt SASE GW solution offers a secure web access solution that offers organisations from protecting from Malware and Threats , instant insight for policy management, and reduces end-user friction. The solution is enabled for remote users and to be introduced shortly for SD WAN sites.

Traffic steering (Dynamic multi-pathing)

  • Basic: Choose which applications take which path, based on IP Address/Network, protocol and/or Port number. You can also choose triggers for an application to switch to the secondary path, based on jitter, latency or packet-loss level.
  • Advanced: Application is detected by deep packet inspection. 2600+ applications are detectable. User defined applications are possible. Traffic steering can be done by URL


  • VoIP on Colt SD WAN leverages VoIP traffic prioritisation to optimise virtual meeting experience for your end users, enabling more efficient usage of your existing underlying network.

Dual stack IPv6 support

  • Colt SD WAN with dual IPv4 and IPv6 stack support provides you with the flexibility to design your WANs with IPv4 today, while future-proofing and avoiding an expensive swap out when transitioning to IPv6.

Analytics (Self-service traffic view)

  • View your traffic flows via our web based portal, control bandwidth consumption on application level, and take action to steer applications to either the Internet or MPLS path. Advanced analytics for applications is also available by sessions, bandwidth, and access circuit on each branch, including bandwidth consumed by each application.

Customer Portal

  • You can configure single or multiple devices in real time. Network services can be used, provisioned, and orchestrated in real time and on demand.

Integrated firewall

  • Basic: Standard Layer 3/4 Stateful Firewall Advanced: Layer 7 Firewall policies. DDOS support. Common or specific policies across your branches

Active/Active operation

  • You can have your data flow down two routes simultaneously, increasing both bandwidth and resiliency.

Key Benefits

  • Cost

    Delivered using competitively priced public Internet services, with only high priority traffic routed across premium MPLS paths

  • Resilience

    Either network path (MPLS or Internet) can be used as backup in the event of a failure

  • Speed of delivery

    Using your existing Internet access enables a much quicker service deployment than OLO tails

  • Control

    Easily manage your traffic on chosen application with thresholds and change traffic patterns via portal

  • Flexibility

    Open X86 architecture means that one CPE device can act as a router, firewall, & application performance monitor. With universal CPE, benefit from zero-touch installation

  • Agility

    Simple interface to manage your WAN. You can control your own service, add a new branch site in hours or upgrade its bandwidth instantaneously

What makes us different

We are recognized bythe industry as market leading in SDN/NFV and Ethernet services.

  • Award winning SDWAN service
  • Own carrier-grade network
  • Pan-European service portfolio
  • Unique customer experience

Colt combines the strength of our fibre network on-net, withthe cost efficiency of using 3rd party Internet off-net.

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