Dedicated Cloud Access

Dedicated Cloud Access

Secure and reliable On Demand connectivity to the cloud

Does your business use cloud services? Do you find that access over the public internet is slow and unreliable?

Colt Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA)solutions provide secure, flexible, highly scalable, and reliable Ethernet and IP network connectivity into Public Cloud Providers (CSP’s).

Colt is a direct connectivity partner with the main players, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Interconnect, IBM Direct Link, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud and OVH Cloud.

Colt is also able to provide access to CSPs such as SAP, Salesforce and many others.

Customers enjoy not only the Colt network benefits, but also our 24/7 multilingual support facility which supports our service SLA. Our proposition is recognised every year by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) as industry-leading. Colt owns and operates a pan European, Asia Pacific and US network that has direct fibre access into over 900+ Data Centres and 29,000+ enterprise buildings. This means that Colt controls the end-end infrastructure between the hand-off to the enterprise and the Cloud Service Provider.

On Demand capability

Ethernet connectivity is also available through Cloud On Demand to enhance and simplify the user experience. Thanks to SDN technology, our customers benefit from real-time ordering, provisioning and service flexing through a self-serve portal.

Accessing the cloud

Most of the Cloud Services Providers have separate access points (“PoP”) from the Data Centres (“regions”) in which the services are housed. Colt provides direct fibre connectivity to the Cloud Service Providers PoPs in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, which simplifies speeds of provisioning, and gives optimum traffic routes for customers.

Colt Dedicated Cloud Access includes a range of solutions that have been customised for better integration into the cloud. DCA includes five main types of connectivity solutions into public Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s):

For single-site connectivity towards CSP’s Colt offers Cloud on Demand ethernet connectivity including multicloud offering and high bandwidth Wave services. As an option Colt can also offer managed router on top of DCA Ethernet services. The DCA Router offering is designed for customers who require a managed L3 routed service to support multicloud and cloud-to-cloud topologies. For customers who want to share cloud access across multiple sites, Colt offers cloud integration into SD-WAN/IP-VPN networks. Our solutions support single-cloud, multi-cloud and cloud-to-cloud topologies. Depending on the required connectivity solution Colt can offer upto 100Gbps connectivity towards the Cloud.

Available service options

The below table summarises the available services per CSP:

Key Benefits

  • Leading ‘real-time’ and ‘pay per use’ cloud connectivity

    With Cloud On Demand, you get a leading ‘real-time’ and ‘pay per use’ cloud connectivity service that matches the benefits of the IT Cloud providing the first all-in-one cloud experience end to end.

  • Enhanced security

    The traffic between any enterprise site and cloud access PoP is routed entirely across the Colt network, so that customers can be assured that their mission-critical traffic is safe.

  • Better resilience

    Colt’s award-winning network services are provided with a high degree of resilience. Moreover, customers have a number of enhanced configuration options for High Availability purposes.

  • Faster performance

    Colt operates one of the lowest latency networks in Europe and Asia, so data is routed over the lowest-latency paths to the clouds.

  • Predictable experience

    Making your traffic independent of the internet means that your customers and own business users can enjoy consistent performance from your apps.

  • Bandwidth range

    Colt supports, depending on connectivity solution and CSP option; from 10Mbps upto 100Gbps.

  • Offering IP addresses for Public Peering

    Colt can provide a Public ASN (IPv4) to extend your existing infrastructure into a virtual cloud network (VCN), bypassing the public internet.

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