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Give your Teams a voice

Colt continues to drive the market forward with the recent launch of our Cloud SBC capability. Colt Cloud SBC provides a rapid full cloud solution for Direct Routing, avoiding any on-premise equipment and provisioning remotely within days.

Through our Cloud SBC solution, you gain multiple benefits from Colt being your single phone system provider across Europe. Benefit from:

Flexible and scalable voice

You benefit from Voice as a service, where you pay a monthly fee based on your voice consumption, and Direct Routing, meaning you only pay for what you use. With the flexibility to scale your service as needed, we tailor your solution specifically to your organisation’s needs.

Move your organisation to the cloud

The importance of enabling your employees to work from home has accelerated greatly in recent times. You need a solution that supports your organisation’s digital transformation to the cloud and allows your employees to work effectively outside of the office. By activating Voice on Microsoft Teams with Cloud SBC, your employees can benefit from the full set of features that Teams offer to increase their productivity and collaboration.

Quick and easy implementation

As Cloud SBC is a full cloud solution you can implement it with no on-site intervention in under 10 days. With a simplified procurement method to get you going in a fast way, you can seamlessly adopt your cloud communication solution quickly and easily.

Guaranteed high level of performance

It’s essential that your workers have a consistently reliable performance when using Microsoft Teams. With our IP Access Cloud Prioritisation feature, we prioritise the traffic sent to Microsoft Teams, ensuring your employees always have the highest quality experience. This means they can take full advantage of Teams and always have the connectivity needed to do their job successfully, no matter their location.

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Colt launches Intelligent Communications proposition with Microsoft

Colt Technology Services combines the transformational power of Microsoft’s suite of products to businesses via its award-winning telephony services and high bandwidth cloud connectivity.

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