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IP Access from your enterprise locations and datacentres.

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Achieve real-time and scalable control of your internet services

For modern businesses of all sizes, Internet access is a vital function to support a range of business-critical web-based application. Colt Internet Access On Demand allows for the flexibility and cost efficiency of On Demand services combined with the performance that comes with a business grade internet service. 

IP Access On Demand is a high speed business grade internet access service, and Colt was the first carrier in Europe and Asia to offer an internet On Demand service at this scaleInternet Access On Demand combines Colt’s extensive IP peering with the flexibility and scalability enabled by SDN automation. 

Benefits at a glance

Colt On Demand Services represents a genuine breakthrough for enterprises that need fully flexible connectivity solutions between Data Centres, Cloud Service Providers and Enterprise buildings.

Gain control of over your network with our feature rich self-service portal

Benefit from real-time service provisioning & say goodbye to long delivery times

Choose from long term fixed contracts or per hour billing with no commitment

Connect to the internet with a network offering that can scale to meet your needs (IP LOGO)

Simple, yet powerful connectivity

As your on demand network provider, we deliver value for many use cases, including, but not limited to: cost efficient business continuity, agile connectivity for urgent and temporary needs, bandwidth growth management, and enhancing the end-user experience in the cloud.

See how to use our portal in our short demo video on the right.

Our solutions

Colt has several On-Demand solutions to connect your IT services easier and faster – even if they are in different cities or countries.

Our internet access On Demand service gives you high performance and scalable internet connections from any of your sites - data centres and enterprise buildings.

As a result, all your IT services, business-critical or not, can work together seamlessly and be up running in minutes.


Modify your network On-Demand in 4 steps:

Login to our On Demand portal with your unique, secure ID

Reserve and release your network ports by adding their locations to our database

Build a connection from your new ports to the public internet

Modify, schedule & scale your bandwidth and commitments in real time

Service features

Most extensive coverage in Europe & Asia with more than 800 data centres and more than 27,500 enterprise buildings

Connections can be completed and modified in real time

Pay-as-you-go billing with a flexible contracts

Experience zero frame loss, consistent low latency and jitter-free connectivity

High quality network connectivity with service availability above 99.95%

Are you Colt connected?

Check your availability with our interactive network map