Private Wave

Lock security into your network

The best-in-class optical networking, but make it private

Colt Private Wave provides secure, flexible and high performance private optical networking built on customer-dedicated WDM network equipment and fibre infrastructure. It is designed to meet the most demanding customer needs, supporting multiple optical services or service types up to 400Gbps.

Explore Colt Private Wave features

Colt’s network provides us with multiple diversity and protection options, enabling and ensuring reliability and security of our IT infrastructure.

Jiannan Zhao Managing Director, Tencent Cloud, Northeast Asia

Why choose Private Wave?

  • Best in class encryption

    FIPS-certified AES-256 encryption with standards-based authentication mechanisms such as X.509 digital certificates

  • Always on

    Encryption is inherent to the service, being embedded in the optical hardware for maximum security and scalability

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Bandwidth options from 1Gbps to 100Gbps, with support for all major optical presentations including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, OTU2 and OTU4

  • Unprecedented reach

    We're connected to 29,000+ buildings and 900+ data centres in Europe, Asia and America, more than any other carrier

  • Simplicity you can trust

    Colt is your single partner, leaving no need for multiple suppliers and various network contacts – you're in safe hands

  • Secure management

    You have the option to manage your own encryption keys and configuration to match your preferences

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Private Optical Wave explained

  • Colt Private Wave is available in any city where Colt has a fibre-optic metropolitan area network (so that’s 54 in total) and is designed specifically for businesses that require high capacity, secure and resilient optical connectivity.

    The typical use case for Private Wave is interconnecting between key business locations to cover disaster recovery and business continuity architectures.

  • Colt’s optical encryption solution provides the necessary flexibility to allow customers to implement and comply with specific security policies
    and requirements. Customers can have secure and exclusive access to the encryption configuration and for management of their encryption keys. The encryption hardware is customer-dedicated, and can be located in the customer’s own secured rack environment to ensure compliance with their broader corporate security strategy.

    Our services have been recognised with a string of Metro Ethernet Forum awards for 12 years, including Best Wholesale Service Provider of the Year, Best Retail Service Provider of the Year and the Award for Service Innovation. Our optical Ethernet services are MEF CE 2.0 certified.

    • NIST compliant Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) -256
    • FIPS compliant (140-2 or above)
    • Integration with existing enterprise Public Key Infrastructures using X.509 certificate-based authentication
    • Support for RSA or ECC digital certificates and algorithms
    • Diffie-Hellman secured key negotiation (including Elliptic Curve Cryptography)
    • Full data throughput at up to 100Gbps

Our Customers

Use our online quoting tool for Private Wave.

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