Ashish Surti appointed as Vice Chair of i-4, the world’s longest running global information security forum

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Security has always been a concern for businesses, but as the technology ecosystem has become increasingly business-critical and complex, protecting data has never been so important.

We know that network security is now a primary consideration for enterprises as they pivot their organisations to truly take advantage of the transformative landscape of today.

At Colt, we understand that there are many factors at play when it comes to security, and many of these involve collaboration to ensure that our businesses are safe from both traditional and emerging threats. That’s why I am proud to share that I have been voted as Vice Chair of the Member Advisory Committee (MAC) of the International Information Integrity Institute (i-4), a world-leading global strategy forum for CISOs and senior information security professionals from global corporations.

i-4 is made up of individuals from more than 60 different organisations, spanning many countries and industry sectors. These leading minds come together to push the boundaries on thought leadership, collaboration and innovation regarding information security issues; to identify new ways of combating risk and encourage engagement from all sectors of business to drive and adopt better practices.

The fundamental ethos of i-4 is trust, collaboration, participation, contribution and the willingness to share not only individual experiences but also valuable insight into effective information security management. Over the years, i-4 has unpacked global cybersecurity issues and developed best practice and strategic plans to address them. Each forum is packed with real-life case studies, experiences and tabletop exercises for senior cyber executives enabling them to learn and share ideas.

During a recent forum, a global malware breakout was simulated to understand how each company may react, what support would be required from government agencies in countries and how the cyber community would need to operate globally. Running this excise helped shape long-term relationships across industry sectors and enhance company-specific plans that can safeguard a business and the customers we serve all around the world. This is just a small example of the value of the i-4 forum along with the power of bringing experienced, like-minded people together to solve global cyber security challenges.

Having participated in i-4 for more than seven years, I’ve developed a deep, holistic understanding of digital security issues which I bring to my role at Colt every day. As Colt continues to power customers’ digital transformations by providing high bandwidth connectivity across buildings, data centres and on-cloud premises, Colt’s involvement in i-4 will help us strive to provide the best network security solutions for enterprises globally. At the same time, my Vice-Charimanship of the i-4 MAC membership provides Colt with the unprecedented opportunity to contribute to the conversation, and share experience and expertise for the benefit of industries across the world.

Ashish Surti, Chief Security Officer, Colt Technology Services

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