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In our latest research we found that CIOs are prioritising customer centricity – but it’s also an area with the biggest ambition gap, from where they are today vs where they want to be in two years, along with tech for good. So how can they close those gaps, deliver on objectives from the business and get to where they want to be?

We hosted a webinar with experts from Colt, IBM and SAP to share their experience and advice. It was clear from their conversations with customers and partners, that CIOs and their teams are in a great and unique position to drive real change. Technology impacts every part of the business and, with the right partners and the right approach, now is the time to make a big difference.

To deliver on their objectives and close the ambition gap, our panellists had five key pieces of advice for CIOs and their teams:

  • Build your personal network inside and outside the business, through which you can learn more and influence the direction the company is taking
  • Develop great communication skills to get your ideas across and surround yourself with the best people to bring them to life
  • Put sustainability as a metric that gets regularly checked – not just something you review annually by looking backwards
  • Build the dashboards that give you the real-time data to make this a reality
  • Don’t forget the problems of today, but look further ahead and bring technology literacy across the business to make it happen

To find out more and hear advice from Colt, IBM and SAP, watch the webinar on-demand here.

Or to find out more about how Colt can help close the ambition gap, get our ebook here.

Our thanks to the panellists; Ash Surti, EVP for Technology and Security at Colt, Simon Carpenter, RISE with SAP GTM and Strategy Lead, EMEA North at SAP and Bill Lambertson, Vice President, Cloud, 5G and Edge Solutions at IBM.

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