Colt SD-WAN provides stable, resilient connectivity at BBE’s sites

Business drivers 

BBE wanted reliable, high-performance connectivity, integrated with a cloud-based security solution that would support its SaaS and cloud-first strategy and its move to Zero Trust.

The solution

Colt SD-WAN provides stable, resilient connectivity at BBE’s sites in Brussels, London and Paris. Integrated Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler Private Access securely connect users to SaaS/cloud apps and data centre–hosted apps respectively.

Why Colt?

As well as enabling BBE’s migration from a traditional IP VPN to SD-WAN, Colt’s partnership and direct peering with Zscaler provide an integrated networking and security solution that provides low latency for a great user experience.

The result

The Colt and Zscaler solutions fit with BBE’s SaaS and cloud-first strategy and its drive towards Zero Trust architecture. Internet and application access is measurably faster. The move to Zscaler has reduced costs, and its integration with Active Directory simplifies access control.

Business drivers – Why SD WAN and Zscaler ?

Byblos Bank Europe (BBE) focuses on providing corporate banking services to overseas enterprises that want to do business in Europe.

Previously, BBE’s locations in Brussels, London and Paris were connected by a Colt MPLS IP VPN, and the bank managed its own network security and appliances.

To support BBE’s SaaS and cloud-first strategy, Colt and its commercial partner Quendra proposed Colt SD-WAN integrated with:

  • Zscaler Internet Access to securely connect users to SaaS and cloud apps
  • Zscaler Private Access for secure access to apps hosted in BBE’s data centre

What did BBE need from its connectivity and security solution?

BBE wanted to optimise network bandwidth and resilience with SD-WAN. In addition, it wanted to move to cloud-based security solutions that would:

  • Align with its cloud-first strategy
  • Remove the burden of managing on-premises security appliances
  • Enable adoption of Zero Trust architecture to enhance security and the user experience

The Colt and Zscaler difference

Colt laid new fibre and installed a new MPLS connection at each BBE site, along with an IP Access circuit. Active/active configuration of the connections at each site provides resilience and enables load balancing.

BBE uses the Colt portal to shape traffic and configure bandwidth. “This enables better bandwidth usage and means we don’t have to keep upgrading our network connections as traffic volumes increase,” says Ramy Matar, Network Consultant at BBE. ”It’s a smart approach that helps keep costs under control.”

Because the Zscaler solutions integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, BBE can manage application access based on existing team structures.

“This gives us tight policy-based control with the flexibility to handle exceptions,” says Michel Daher, Head of Information Security at BBE.

Colt peers directly with Zscaler in 21 locations worldwide to minimise latency by allowing users to connect to the nearest Zscaler PoP.

“Compared to our previous VPN-based approach, the Colt and Zscaler solution is a real enhancement that delivers a faster and better user experience and helps increase productivity,” says Michel. Among various speed tests carried out by BBE, he cites the fact that a large file can now be opened or copied remotely in as little as 7 seconds instead of half a minute.

During project deployment, Ramy and Michel appreciated Colt’s solution design capabilities and problem-solving approach — as well as the proactive communications and support that have continued ever since.

“Colt is a technical reference for BBE,” says Ramy. “They provide information and innovation as well as a stable service that meets SLAs. We regard Colt as a true partner for the future.”

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