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Colt has been recognised as an industry leader in Ethernet and Optical Services at the prestigious EMEA optical networking and DC interconnect event, Next Generation Optical Networking (NGON). Colt won the ‘Most advanced Cloud Interconnect Service’ and ‘Best DC Interconnect Provider’ awards for its IQ Network and its SDN-enabled capabilities, built to meet businesses’ rising bandwidth demands.

“Global businesses are more bandwidth hungry than ever, driving the demand for high bandwidth optical services that our network is delivering,” said Aaron Partouche, Business Development Director at Colt. “This is a fantastic market recognition for our Ethernet and Optical services on the Colt IQ network, as well as reflecting the continued advancement of our high bandwidth optical and SDN-enabled on demand portfolio.”

‘Most Advanced Cloud Interconnect Service’ Award

Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access service gives businesses a faster, more reliable and more secure cloud networking experience when compared to relying on the public internet. The Colt IQ Network connects directly our customers’ sites into the main Cloud Service Providers (AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare, etc.). The connections can be adapted to all customers’ needs through Ethernet or IP (Ethernet supports various topologies with an optional Managed router, or IP VPN).

In Q1 this year, we also launched an innovative, SDN-enabled on-demand offering for customers to request connections to the cloud via an intelligent online customer portal. We’ve now been rewarded thanks to our On Demand capability which created an industry breakthrough. Our easy-to-use customer facing portal gives instant service delivery. Combined with the ability to flex bandwidth in real time, it provides additional benefits for cloud-enabled businesses, while delivering access to the cloud with the same confidence, performance and security as a private LAN or WAN. Dedicated Cloud Access On Demand from Colt enables customers to match their connectivity to the benefits of the IT Cloud, providing the first all-in-one cloud experience end-to-end.

‘Best DC Interconnect Provider’ Award

DC Net is Colt’s advanced data centre interconnection solution offering direct access to over 700 data centres across Europe, Asian Pacific and North America. DC Net makes it fast and easy to interconnect between data centres. Colt is able to offer market-leading service delivery lead times in as little as five working days – providing Colt with a genuine advantage in this highly competitive market.

With optical bandwidth options ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps, the DC Net Optical proposition showcases Colt’s extensive DC interconnect capabilities based on high performance and capacity DWDM technology. Our Wave services provide simplicity, scalability and flexibility, supporting fibre channel and OTU presentations as well as traditional SDH and optical Ethernet as standard. Colt’s Private Wave service can also provide customers that have the most stringent security and performance requirements with a private optical solution, based on customer-dedicated infrastructure. This can include optical ‘always on’ layer one encryption when required.

Colt DC Net is also available as part of Colt’s On Demand portfolio of services, which provide instant control over customer networks at selected key data centres. DC Net On Demand makes it fast and easy to interconnect data centres that host ICT services – even if they are in different cities or countries. With access to their own dedicated On Demand customer portal, customers can transform their user experience by delivering self-service capabilities for real-time ordering, provisioning and service flexing.

For more information about the Colt IQ Network, please click here.

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