Colt remains second in the Vertical Systems Group’s end of year Global Ethernet LEADERBOARD

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Colt has retained a strong second place on the Vertical Systems Group’s year-end 2020 Global Provider Ethernet Leaderboard, maintaining its lead ahead of Lumen, Orange, BT Services, and Verizon. Second only to AT&T, this marks Colt’s sixth consecutive time ranking second in this prestigious leaderboard, with Colt holding the position since mid-2018.

Vertical Systems Group’s leaderboard is the industry benchmark for multinational Ethernet network market presence, and Colt is thrilled to maintain its position.

2020 showed us the importance of connectivity like never before. Colt’s investment in on-demand, SDN-enabled, and high bandwidth networking in the last few years meant we were able to keep customers connected while the whole world changed, dialing up and down networks as offices emptied and employees worked home.

Today, the workplace is undergoing a permanent change and hybrid working is here to stay. To enable a successful remote working strategy, networks need to be flexible, agile and secure to embrace change in today’s increasingly connected world.

That’s why we continue to focus our attention on helping businesses across the world meet hybrid workplace needs with intelligent, adaptive solutions that provide first-class, secure connectivity. Recent investments include Colt’s Cloud SBC offering, that provides a rapid full cloud solution for Direct Routing, and Colt’s SD WAN 2.0 experience, which enables enterprises to react rapidly to change, creating a seamless and disruption-free user experience.

Colt continues to hold the second position on the Global Ethernet Leaderboard thanks to its expansive IQ Network. Colt now has more than 29,000 buildings and over 900 data centres with direct fibre connections, spanning four continents and 32 countries.

As well as maintaining its position on the leaderboard, Colt recently announced that it is positioned as a Visionary in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Global Network Services, for a second year in a row.

Colt strives to take what’s always been in its DNA to innovate and help enterprises thrive in the face of today’s business challenges. We are committed to transforming the world through the power of connectivity as well as becoming the most customer-oriented business in our industry.

You can find our more about Ethernet services from Colt here.

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